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10 Countertops Tips Cleaning Product

  • Listed: March 9, 2019 8:22 am


Regardless if your countertops are made from granite, acrylic, laminate or any other material, they should be able to withstand all spills — no matter how big or small they may be. Every surface is different, and some materials can withstand kitchen mishaps better than others. Always inquire about a countertop’s level of maintenance before you put on the rubber gloves to clean up a spill. Even if you’re a world-class chef, your countertops are bound to take a little abuse, but do you know how to return each surface back to its original splendor?

Best Granite Cleaner by thereviewgurus.com

It is the start of a healthy long term kitchen and bathroom maintenance plan.

Cleaning removes the surface level dirt, debris and bacteria while conditioning adds a protective layer over your granite or marble and also gives it a new look shine. After testing many granite and marble cleaners and polling professionals and other users, we have come up with a list of what we think are the best granite cleaners. While the cleaner will thoroughly clean your granite countertops, the polisher/conditioner will coat your countertops with a protective layer that also gives your granite or marble a nice shine. Additionally, you should also be sealing your granite every year or so. It is a power performer, as multiple tests on our lab have demonstrated that this product is superior in cleaning compared to competitors.

Kitchen Cleaning Routine / Countertop Cleaning Using Organic Products / Countertop Cleaning | Duration 6 Minutes 41 Seconds

It is also quite a cheap product so it will not damage the wallet. It will not be able to clean and condition as good as a product that separates the two. For the truly dirty and messy jobs, we would still advise a separate cleaner and conditioner. It is made for people who do not have time to clean and just want to pour it on your granite and let it do most of the work. Sure it does not clean up all of the dirt on your countertops as well, but keep in mind that not cleaner is spot on perfect. The cleaning power will be great, and you don’t have to put in so much work. It targets the users who prefer a fresh smelling gently cleaner to a strong powerful cleaner to gives off fumes.

We can’t say the same about other brands, which smell bland, boring, or like chemicals. It is also a public benefit corporation, which tries to create positive social and environmental change. It is just that they are targeting the users who want a green environmentally friendly product. However, if you like a non-toxic environmentally friendly product that doesn’t have bad odors, this is the right product for you.

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It will visibly reduce dullness and scratches while enhancing color and marbling. When we tested this cleaner out, it took us three or four applications to see a noticeable different in color and scratches.

We don’t believe there is any cheap magic formula that can instantly revitalize your expensive marble stone. It works on all sorts of stone surface both indoors and outdoors. However, you need to make sure that you spread it out evenly across your granite surface with gaps. It is essentially an oil that can be applied as a spray, so be careful with where you spray this product. Why not spends a few extra dollars and get a professional grade cleaner.

You also want to pick a cleaner that can be easily wiped off without leaving stains or watermarks. Granite is usually speckled and comes in lots of different colors. In general granite is more durable than marble and both need to be sealed because they are porous stones. If you make spills on a granite countertop, you should clean it up immediately. Finally, granite is mostly resistant to scratches and acidic foods while marble is not. While each case may vary depending on the type of stone you have, the best way to clean granite is to clean your countertops several times a week, condition or polish your countertops once or so a month, and seal your countertops once a year.

However, don’t think you can just get away with only cleaning your stone. A conditioner will create a shield over your granite or marble countertops and give them a new shiny coating. This protective coating will break down over time, so it is necessary to use conditioner every month or so to keep the protective coating fresh and your countertops looking new. Usually, when you first install your stone countertop, you will also seal it for the first time. After the initial seal, you will need to seal your stone countertops routinely. At one point, granite was a luxury product, but now it has been commercialized and the price point is now affordable to most people. However, because it is also porous, it can stain quite easily and dirt and bacteria can enter the stone. Because of this, marble is softer than granite and can be cracked and scratched easier. People chose marble over granite because they prefer the look, as marble can be a much more veinier rock. Slate actually looks smoother and deceptively better than granite or marble, but don’t be fooled, it is quite cheap and brittle. It is also more porous so you will need to seal it more often than granite or marble.

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Quartz is more expensive, stronger and more rare than granite or marble. It is also a sedimentary rock like marble but is typically lighter in color, more porous, and more prone to staining. Soapstone tends to be denser than granite and not very porous, which means you don’t have to seal it. It comes in different shades of grey so you will be hard pressed to find it in a different color. It is not diluted with conditioner, polisher, or sealer so it maximizes cleaning power. Buying granite and marble countertops is expensive, so it is of upmost importance to go out of your way to take care of them. The best way to clean granite consists of three key steps: clean, condition, and seal. Finally, sealing your granite or marble countertops will fill up the tiny pores in your stone and prevent dirt and debris from seeping through.

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If you are interested in granite sealers, we also have detailed reviews.

You should be using the cleaner a few times a week and the conditioner every month or two. Overall, this is the best granite cleaner and the best way to clean granite for those who want to maintain pristine countertops. Sprayway combines a cleaner and conditioner in one product and makes it easy for you to apply because it is in a nice spray bottle. Sprayway works great if you want a hassle free solution to cleaning and maintaining stone countertops. While the 2 in 1 solution is less work and easier to apply due to the spray bottle, it does have its pitfalls. The analogy is using a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner will never be as good as using a shampoo and conditioner separately. After testing out this product, we find it does a good job for most countertops with medium to low dirt. All in all, this is the best granite cleaner if you don’t mind sacrificing some performance for ease of use. If you want the best granite cleaner that can clean your granite to the extreme this is the right product for you. After asking professionals about whether they use this product they all said they would never use it, but they can understand why someone would use it.It is a non-toxic plant based formula that can be used everyday to clean all sorts of stone tiles. It is a gentle cleaner that doesn’t leave streak marks or residue. The scent is apple orchid and smells quite fresh and fruity. Method’s bottles are also made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, which leaves a 70% lower carbon footprint. The company estimates about 70% of the organic ingredients break down within 28 days. Of course that doesn’t mean they are not in the business of making money.

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All in all, we like this product if you want to have something around as a daily cleaner. For the tougher to remove stains and oil spots, we would definitely look somewhere else.

We like this cleaner because it acts like a cleaner and polisher. However, 20% is still quite an impressive number given the cost of this product. All you need to do is spray this product on and wipe it in with a soft cloth. When you are done, you will get a nice shiny nice granite surface. It is quite effective at polishing up the surface of any stone. Granite, marble, and other stone countertops are usually pretty expensive anyways. If you want to make your investment last a long time you will need to pick the best granite cleaner from the start. If you use a homemade solution like vinegar or lemon juice, it will be too acidic and you run the risk of discoloring and damaging your stone countertop. Also keep in mind that different stones have different sensitivities to certain solutions and cleaners, so it is best to find a cleaner that is gentle. It is easy to set them apart because they both have a very distinct look. Marble will have darker veins caused by impurities and has a creamier texture.To properly care for your granite or marble countertops, you will need to condition and seal as well. While some cleaners also include a condition, we recommend you buy them separately. This shield will block out any bacteria, mildew, dirt, or debris that tries to get into the pores of your stone. A penetrating sealer will enter the deep tiny pores of your stone and fill it up, preventing dirt and germs from entering. It is very resistant to scratches since it is a hard surface and is extremely durable. Because of this, you need to seal granite more frequently than other stones. Marble is made from sediment rocks underwater and consists of dead sea organisms. Slate is a sedimentary rock like marble that is softer than both marble and granite. And because quartz is not porous, you won’t need to seal it. It is softer than granite, scratches easily, easily burned by acids, and hard to properly seal because the pores are so big. Soapstone is actually quite soft so it tends to scratch up easily.

Best Cleaning Tips For 5 Popular Kitchen Countertops by arizonatile.com

It’s where most activity occurs and kitchen countertops get a ton of wear and tear whether you and your family love to cook or not. Below, we’ve reviewed five popular types of countertop materials and what it takes to clean and maintain each of them. More importantly, granite is durable and stands up to heavy use. It is true that some stone is more dense than other stone, including certain granite varieties. Generally, light-colored granites are more porous and prone to staining and darker colors less so. Dish soap is commonly suggested and it won’t harm granite, however, it will form a film that dulls the finish over time. But still, it’s smart to use cutting boards and trivets on your granite countertops.

Using The Right Products For Cleaning & Polishing Granite | Duration 1 Minutes 31 Seconds

However, marble has one particular issue that can be troublesome in the kitchen. Keep in mind that the reason for sealing marble is to prevent staining from substances absorbing. This etch remover / marble polish will easily repair etch marks on polished marble, however, etching will periodically occur since it is impossible to prevent all contact with acidic foods on kitchen countertops. Plus using products specific for cleaning marble removes the possibility of damage from using the wrong cleaner. This is certainly a benefit, however, it does not mean that quartz countertops cannot be stained or discolored. However, some foods and drinks and several types of cleaning products may discolor the surface. The risk of stains occurring is very low, and shouldn’t deter you from choosing quartz. However, hot pans should be placed on trivets as excessive heat can mar the surface. It is one of the most durable countertop materials on the market. To maintain this sleek, “wet” look, you’ll want to reseal or reapply mineral oil as needed. Both interior and exterior sealers will need to be reapplied in 4 to 6 months or as needed. Similarly, always use cutting boards as scratching is possible with this material. The main difference is in hardness — porcelain is nearly as hard as stone and thus harder than ceramic. This countertop choice is relatively easy to clean and maintain. On the other hand, an unglazed and polished porcelain may need sealing. Common household cleaners can be used on both ceramic and porcelain countertops. Many porcelain tiles have “through body” color so chips are not as noticeable and potentially easier to repair than chipped ceramic tiles. To make the best choice look beyond colors and patterns and consider your lifestyle, family habits, and the particular maintenance needs of each countertop material. Therefore, when choosing a new countertop material, one of the most important factors to consider is cleaning and maintenance. The cleaning and maintenance demands of a particular surface will certainly color your long-term experience and enjoyment of your countertops and kitchen. It offers a broad color palette and several surface finishes. For sure you’ll hear conflicting advice which is the main cause for confusion. The reasoning is that essentially all stone is porous, so sealing is an important step in protecting your stone from foreign substances. The main difference in these types of materials is how frequently they’ll need to be resealed. To determine whether your granite countertops are sensitive to acids, perform these simple tests. If any of the liquids listed above, or even harsh cleaning agents are left on the surface for a prolonged period, or if the stone is exposed to those products frequently, eventually the sealer can be broken down and leave the stone more susceptible to stains.Scratching is extremely rare on granite and hot pans won’t bother it. This also includes travertine and limestone which are sisters to marble and have the same cleaning demands. Marble “etches” easily and these etch marks are confused for stains. To keep your quartz countertops clean and shiny, avoid using soap as this will create a residue. When purchasing soapstone , remember that the more solid the color (non-veined varieties), the more durable and scratch-resistant it will be. Sealing or applying mineral oil to soapstone is a common practice to help bring out the beautiful dark luster that is characteristic of this material. Still, as a rule with any surface, it’s best to always use coasters for drinks and clean up spills immediately with a soft cloth or sponge. If you do notice scratches, the good news is that these can be easily sanded away. Opposite of marble, the polishing process opens the pores of porcelain. However, wiping up spills quickly is advised as grout can stain. It’s a good idea to keep extra tiles on hand in case one or two need replacing. Your kitchen countertops will get their fair share of use and abuse.

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