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1044 Lucille Dr Lexington KY 40511 Buck County

  • Listed: April 3, 2019 12:48 am


There’s also a 2 car attached garage with interior access from the laundry room. This home has many unique features including upgraded doors and decorative ledges. Plus, the covered deck and fenced backyard is perfect for family gatherings!

This beautiful home is move-in ready and has so much to love!

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Experience the charm and luxury of our beautiful community for yourself.

Enjoy ample amenities, fine features and plenty of space for entertaining. Kindly contact our online community consultants at 202-759-7900 for other nearby opportunities. I invite you to schedule a visit and see all that we have to offer in person. Simply schedule a visit by filling out and submitting the form below.

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Bucks County Soapstone Tour | Duration 12 Minutes 15 Seconds

On each level, one bedroom has a king bed and bath; the other has two double beds and bath. Each one has a bath and four double beds, two on the entry level and two in the loft. From the main house, walk out to the patio for our million-dollar view. And the indoor communal area feels even bigger thanks to our year-round outdoor living space. So even in winter, it’s warm enough to sunbathe by the pool, read a book on the patio, swim in the ocean or enjoy margaritas at sunset. We’re excited to share our home with you and we’re committed to making your vacation a happy one. It also means spending time with the people who matter most in our lives. Each of the four bedrooms in the main house has its own shower, sink and toilet.

We met and made friends with some home owners and other visitors. All the guys went deep sea fishing and had some bites from marlin and sharks. I have never had so many things to do and see all in one place.

i pinimg buck county 1044 Lucille Dr Lexington KY 40511 Buck County

If margaritas are your thing and you’d enjoy delicious guacamole, salsa and corn chips at sunset then don’t hesitate to take advantage of the catering on offer. The main house sleeps up to 12 people in four spacious bedrooms: two on the entry level and two down below with private entrances. This added accommodation makes our property ideal for reunions, corporate retreats or special family occasions. Descend 20 steps to reach the pool, chaise lounges, ping-pong table and outdoor eating area. You’ll find everything you need in our well-appointed kitchen which has a large island with bar stool seating. Finally, to make your vacation even more enjoyable, we provide free daily housekeeping and property management. Each casita has a shower, sink and toilet shared amongst the occupants. There are also two outdoor tables that will seat 6-8 people each. Also there’s a soccer ball, volleyball, basketball, football and tennis racquets that guests are welcome to use. The weather was really hot some days, but still had a nice breeze to cool down.

We acclaimated to it quickly and it was a nice cool down from the sun.

We went to town quite often after conquering our fear of the unpaved roads, but that’s what made it adventurous. Read all info the owner gives ahead of time as it will help you greatly.

The views are stunning and offered from all levels of the property. The cabana where filtered light creates a relaxed mood?

The spacious kitchen / dining / lounge area became a core “meeting” place for the 12 of us as we enjoyed this stunning property. The house is well equipped and we didn’t want for anything whether the urge was to frappe a cocktail or cook an omelette!

The views are stunning and the ambience is relaxed and welcoming.

Things That Make Your Property Taxes Go Up by cnbc.com

And with some states assessing — and raising — property taxes every year, that can leave a lot of pent-up frustration. Of course, within that, there are a million moving parts and any number of things that can result in higher taxes. So, when states cut their funding in those areas, the money’s got to come from somewhere — and that usually means homeowners. This is one of the biggest reasons why, even in an economic downturn and housing-market crash like the one we just experienced, property taxes can rise. There are a lot of family homes out there that only have one bathroom.

Bucks County Soapstone Showroom | Duration 1 Minutes 26 Seconds

That may be true but remember that your property taxes are calculated based on the value of your home, so if you’ve increased its value, you’ve now increased your taxes as well. This is why some people try to sneak by without requesting a permit but that’s a can of worms you don’t want to open — it will create huge headaches when you go to sell the house. It’s easy to talk yourself into a pricey kitchen reno because kitchens are what sell homes, right?

Well guess who else will be enjoying that granite countertop, mosaic backsplash and cherry cabinets?

Never underestimate the “condition” and it’s contribution to your tax bill.

You figure that you’ll save money by not paying for a pricey senior living center — and by not adding to the footprint, the square footage, of your home, by converting the garage into an extra bedroom or apartment for them. Even improvements to the outside such as sheds and decks add value to your home. The location of your land is an important component of your home’s valuation and taxes.

Bucks County Soapstone Our Process | Duration 1 Minutes 13 Seconds

And never, ever underestimate the value of being nice to your tax assessor!

Treat the person like your honored guest — and that may help alleviate any exaggerations of what “excellent” condition your home is in. Plus, time any renovations or improvements for after the assessment. Then you look at the local codes — each town could be different, each county could be different. As a result, homeowners often feel like they were clubbed over the head in a smoky room when they find out their property taxes went up. Here are nine things that make your property taxes go up: 1. Part of the revenue collected from property taxes is used to fund the public school system, library, fire department and other essential services. As a result, homeowners are tapped to make up the difference with property taxes. Homeowners figure if they add a bathroom it will not only increase the harmony in their home but also increase the value of their home when they go to sell it. So how will the assessor know if he or she doesn’t come inside the house?

Not to mention, it’ll put some distance between you and them!

It’s always recommended that you appeal your tax assessment — or at least review the assessment with the tax assessor. And if your neighbors used higher-end materials than you did, that guesstimate is going to be too high and inflate your tax bill. If you live close to town or a pretty lake, that’s going to mean higher taxes. In the same way that construction of a new highway or chemical plant close to a home can dent its value, the addition of a golf course, lake or other amenity can boost the value of a home — and the tax bill. When you cast your vote for elected officials, make sure you know their tax position and take advantage of the opportunity to vote on your school budget. You’ll have to disclose all that stuff to prospective buyers anyway, so better to save money on it now with the tax man!

Bucks County Soapstone Drainboards | Duration 45 Seconds

Make sure you catch that window so you don’t have to pay an extra year of higher taxes.

10 Tips For Full Time RVing Across The Country by doityourselfrv.com

Since we’re often on the road driving from place to place, we wouldn’t mind the loss of backend living space.

We hit the road four days after our wedding (a horrible idea in retrospect—talk about stressful!). The entire space under our bed is filled with all the things we didn’t need that were cluttering up our cabinets. There were dishes piled in the sink, an unswept floor, and laundry piled in the bathroom floor. My husband can clean circles around me now, and even washes the dirtiest of places – like our bathroom. It fits perfectly in a regular parking space in any city which is very convenient. The scooter gets 75 mpg and between the two you can’t beat that fuel economy on the road. Driving around in a gas hog is not economical, leave the rig at the campground and explore with a economy car. True, they are far and few between, but just another option for us. Cities and counties have the right to regulate what kind of activity goes on for a property, private or public (it’s called zoning)and the police enforce laws on private property. If it is watery or smells like fuel you have or are about to have a major problem.

We trust that all we need to know will be revealed to us along the way. Now that we’ve been on the road for a while, we wish we’d chosen something a little smaller that would be easier to maneuver into campgrounds. These items include throw pillows, extra bedding, dishes, etc. I wondered if this would be the source of a perpetual fight of ours. You’ll have to clean multiple times a day, from washing the dishes and wiping off the countertops to sweeping the floor and tidying up the trash.

You can’t swerve through traffic and you can’t just fly down the interstate. Since we’re trying to make it across the lower 48 in seven months, we do keep a fast-paced schedule. Even if it’s just that the light bulb in our kitchen doesn’t like to stay on. A man at the dump station in front of us came to the rescue teaching my husband how to replace the hose, something that would’ve been nearly impossible to learn on his own in the middle of a campsite without cellular reception. Ducks shoes work great, slip on & off easily & can easily be disinfected at the car wash with a good quality bathroom disinfectant.

We also have a rack on the back that we carry a 250cc scooter on and when we are at base camp we use the scooter to explore our surrounding. If you can’t manuever a 29 ft camper around a campground then you have some driving skill problems. Stay away from the access road to truck stops, they are too loud. Can you get into a large brawl in a parking lot without the cops getting involved?

Towns can pass laws that affect private property – and do it all the time. When you check your oil rub some off the dip stick and feel it and yes smell it. Did you check the mileage before you left because you might be due for an oil change already. Just stay curious and learn new tricks with every mile you go. It’s too bad we can’t use certain government property, they’ve got some of the nicest / largest spots around. Typically this happens in more financially well-off locations. Apparently vets used to be fine in there, but again a few bad apples ruined it somehow, so the city isn’t having it.

buck county 1044 Lucille Dr Lexington KY 40511 Buck County

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