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Better Alternative To A 4 Inch Tall With Backsplash Height

  • Listed: March 9, 2019 8:22 am


There is technically nothing wrong with a 4 inch backsplash, however it tends to be common place in mass produced mid to lower end homes, thus making homes that have them look less high end. The shorter backsplash will make the backsplash nearly disappear yet still protect the wall at the back side of the countertop. Many of these materials are very budget friendly, so using them as a full height backsplash will not blow the budget. If you decide to tile from your countertop to your ceiling or the bottom of your upper cabinets, make sure to remove the 4 inch backsplash first before installing the backsplash tile, else the distance between your countertop and upper cabinets will look out of proportion. Even if you are lucky enough to have a full height backsplash in your kitchen, your builder may have put a standard 4 inch tall backsplash in your bathroom.It is very common because it uses so little material that makes it cheap, and it covers the edge between the countertop and wall to disguise a wall that is not straight and/or granite that was not cut perfectly.

Fortunately, there are many other backsplash options that cost the same or only a little bit more, but give your kitchen or bathroom a custom and high end look.

HGTV Show Featuring Concrete Countertops Concrete Countertop Institute by concretecountertopinstitute.com

We discussed various ideas for the backsplash, and decided to make the countertops in a smooth, uniform medium gray and the backsplash in a lighter gray with more of a rough cast look. It was a privilege to work with these three creative concrete professionals. The 80 square foot project was a typical kitchen remodel, except that the deadlines were determined by the filming schedule and were quite compressed.And we enjoyed having dinner at my house and relaxing by the concrete fire pit with a few beers.

How To Install A Solid Surface Backsplash by thisoldhouse.com

And when you have your sleek backsplash in place, you’ll think it such a stylish protector from splashes and splatters you’ll wonder why you ever considered tile in the first place. Mark this height on the wall in any areas where the counters continue but there are no upper cabinets. Using painter’s tape, secure them to the wall to form an outline of the area where the backsplash will go. Position shorter strips between the long pieces, using them to indicate the parameters of outlets and other fixtures on the wall. Trace around its outside edge, and inside the cutouts you indicated. Using a circular saw fitted with a diamond blade (set just beyond the depth of the material), cut the outline of the backsplash. Using a drill/driver fitted with a 3/8-inch masonry bit, drill pilot holes inside the four corners of any cutouts. Just make sure to cover the shoes of your saws with tape to keep them from scratching the backsplash. With the panel perfectly plumb and the shims in place, mark the shims at the edge of the panel.

farm3 staticflickr with backsplash height Better Alternative to a 4 Inch Tall with Backsplash Height

Run a bead of construction adhesive on the back of the shims and stick them in place directly to the wall. Using a caulk gun, squeeze a bead of adhesive caulk in a 6- to 8-inch zigzag along the entire back of the panel. With it in position, tip the sheet in place and press firmly across the entire surface. Face-nail the lattice strip to the wall with a 1½-inch finish nail. Lay a bead of adhesive caulk across the top edge of the solid backsplash surface. Finally, cut a strip of lattice to the length of the 1×3 strip, plus 1/4 inch. Nail it in place with finish nails angled through the top of the lattice into the 1×3. Get a color to match the solid-surface material, or else use clear. For such an application, however, it’s important to use 1/4-inch-thick material, which is comparable to the thickness of tile. Cutting the material is slow going; fit your jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade and your circular saw with a diamond blade for the best results.

You don’t need to use a single piece of plywood for this; strips glued together to indicate the outline of the various parts works well and is easy to put together. A backsplash should be at least 4 inches high, but it can also fill the entire space between countertop and upper cabinets. The one exception to the consistent-height rule is the area behind a range, between the countertop and a vent hood, when you would want the backsplash to fill the entire area.

It’s a natural fit for a backsplash because it’s easy to clean. Anything thicker would be hard to cut and would look too bulky once installed. Avoid options with deep crevices where grease and dirt can settle or a pattern that is difficult to match up at the seam. To create the illusion of a seamless solid surface, minimize joints by installing the backsplash in one piece, if possible. If you are replacing a backsplash, smooth any rough areas where there is leftover adhesive (use a fine-grit sanding sponge if necessary). Using a level, draw a level line at this height on the wall. Be sure to push the plywood tight to the counter and the cabinets. Using the jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade, slot the blade into the holes and cut out the piece. Also check that seams between two panels match up flush and shim them as necessary. Apply heavy-duty double-stick tape 1 inch away from the outer edge of the panel and around each cutout. Align the bottom edge of the panel along the countertop, keeping it tilted away from the wall. Apply a bead of adhesive caulk to the edge and stick the strip in place, laid flat. Cut a strip of 1×3-inch pine to the length, plus 1/4 inch, of the top edge of the surface to be capped—including the side trim. Stick the strip in place and face-nail it to the wall with finish nails. Paint to coat any molding detail to match the backsplash material.

Help Choosing Backsplash and How High Should It Go? by houzz.com

Help choosing backsplash and how high should it go?

I have blonde maple cabinets and the granite has a lot of gray and blue tones in it. It all depends on the type of material you select and how it works with the potential layout.

Giallo Ornamental Granite Countertop By Crs Granite & Cabinets In Hagersville, Ontario | Duration 2 Minutes 11 Seconds

I would also take it at that same bottom of cabinet height across the window wall. Keep the backsplash the same height across to the window wall. It would actually look more finished if the edging tile was above the bottom edge of the upper cabinets. Or you could take the window sill height and carry that same measurement around if you are looking to use less material and labor.

You could add 1-2″ edging tile to run from the cabinets on the left where there are no uppers across the top of your backsplash to the window and then for the smidgen on the left of the window.

Standard Kitchen Countertop Height by youtube.com

You must check with your granite company to determine the thickness of the countertop. The most critical dimension is always the height of the dishwasher opening. There’s more to installing a kitchen that just screwing cabinets to the wall.

You can’t always just use the standard kitchen counter top height and expect things to work. If it is only three quarters of an inch (3/4″) thick, then you may have to raise the kitchen cabinets up.If your top is 3/4″ thick, then this will put the top of the top at thirty five and one quarter inches (35-1/4″), not high enough.

Creative Ideas For Bathroom Backsplashes by thespruce.com

When the seam between the cut side and the countertop is caulked, it will not be noticeable. This offers a practical advantage since a tile wall is easier to clean than painted drywall. No such problem when you use natural stone, especially tumbled stone. The process gives a timeless look that is classically elegant but filled with character.Mosaics can use traditional ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, or even natural stone. Some pedestal sinks, like the one pictured here, have a quite substantial backer that obviates the practical need for a wall backsplash. For ease of installation, these squares come mounted 16 to the sheet with a mesh backer. This type of mosaic is a great time saver with vertical applications because the tiles are kept separate by the backing—fewer plastic spacers are needed. The hi-definition graphics possible in higher-end porcelains make them look just like natural stone. Here, the function of a backsplash may be partly practical, but the choice is usually based on aesthetic preferences. At a minimum, you can use a standard 4-inch tile installed with cut-side down. Horizontally, the adjoining side walls make a good natural stopping point, although in a bathroom with a very small vanity or in a room where a pedestal sink is used, the backsplash area can be an accent section applied directly behind the sink. As the name implies, tumbled stone machine-tumbled until the sharp edges and corners are smoothed down. Consisting of sheets of tiny tiles attached to a mesh backing, mosaics are malleable, easy to cut, and attractive. In this example, the “backsplash” is essentially a full mosaic tile wall that happens to have an adjacent countertop. But upon closer examination, you’ll see that every third tessera is glinty, glitzy, and shimmering with gold.

How To Choose The Best Height For Your Granite Backsplash by flemingtongranite.com

With installation, the backsplash will be placed on the countertop and will be adhered to the backsplash wall with a silicone product. With professional installation, a full height granite backsplash is only installed after the countertops are in place. Again, these measurements are taken once the countertops have been installed. The process is much faster and quicker when all you have to do is spray or wipe with a natural granite cleaner on one smooth area. The shorter backsplash can also be installed along with the countertops, so no time is lost waiting on tiling and other installations. The only downside to a shorter backsplash is that the wall above it is vulnerable to food debris, grease, and other stains, but this problem can be eliminated with the use of a full length backsplash that is placed in back of an oven or range area. There is also the possibility of utilizing other types of natural material other than granite for a full height effect. This could get expensive, but it is another way to create both and elongated backsplash and an interesting and novel look for a kitchen space. A uniform and consistent look can be achieved with the expansion of a backsplash area, plus the eye is drawn from the starting point of the countertop up to the backsplash area, which creates an important focal point in a kitchen. Measurements then have to be taken to determine the remaining space of the area between the countertops and any existing cabinets. This is an important aspect as there can be small differences in the width of granite pieces. Adding a small amount of granite to a countertop budget is going to minimally impact what has been budgeted for countertops. The shorter or standard backsplash can still be used in the remaining countertop areas of a kitchen. Full height backsplashes are also not that easy to remove if a homeowner wants to make decorative changes with tile or other materials. Granite can still be used on the countertops while marble or other natural stone can be utilized for the backsplash. Whether you choose a standard granite backsplash or a full height backsplash, your kitchen area walls will stay clean and pristine looking for years, as will your countertops.

with backsplash height Better Alternative to a 4 Inch Tall with Backsplash Height

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