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NewAir ClearIce40 Countertops Clear Ice Maker Machine Makes 40 Lbs Of Install Lowe

  • Listed: April 3, 2019 12:48 am


Small enough to fit on any countertop, this clear ice maker churns out loads of perfect ice to impress guests or for your own enjoyment. This compact ice maker works fast to make ice in as little as 15 minutes once it’s warmed up. It costs per hour to use, you can rest easy knowing your electric bills won’t rise once you plug it in. Although this ice machine may look compact, it can make up to 40 pounds of ice per day. Remember when we mentioned how easy this ice maker was to use?

We never used anything but bottle water in it and cleaned it regularly.

This maker makes a ton of ice and we do not need to run it around the clock like others previously owned. Which means you need to babysit it somewhat – which is difficult to do when you are having a party. I do say one thing is you do have to pay attention to your red light so you can fill your bags and or when it is out if water.

You can even use water straight from the tap and still get clear ice, no need to use distilled water. Started acting funny a couple weeks ago and then just quit working.After further conversation with the company, they sent me a new unit. Some lasted a couple of months and most made very little ice. However, you need to empty the first batch, before ice will continue to be made. The ice also lasts a long time in the container (over night).

Our refrigerators ice machine broke and this was wonderful at making ice.

RV Grey Water Potty Flush by modmyrv.com

Depending on the length of our stay, we often have the need to refill the fresh water tank and remove waste water from the bath tank. Conservation of both our fresh water and bath tank waste water space is important if we wish to avoid time consuming refills and dumps using portable containers. Water from the bath tank would then be pumped to the potty for flushing. This switch could easily be located next to the pump rather than on the wall. The next task was to cut into the water line to the potty and insert a cut off valve so that it would be totally isolated from the fresh water system when turned to the off position.

The other end of the hose is connected to the water hose size adapter on the end of the main dump outlet (photo #4). If you don’t like doing unnecessary mods, get yourself a bucket. This would catch the big pieces but likely would have to be cleaned on occasion. It is one of those strainers with a rubber washer attached that is used on washing machine lines. I put it there primarily to catch hair that may be in the bath water. Soap slivers would not be a problem in our system as we only use liquid body wash soaps. I also installed a 3″ wye between my grey drain valve & my extra termination valve for pump inlet. Then if the valve is switched to use fresh water, it means that the line has gray water with fresh water right behind it. Gray water contains numerous bacteria that simply do not belong in the fresh water tank.

Your comments about having fresh water behind gray water when switching back to a normal system are interesting. Simply remembering to properly flush the water lines by running fresh water into the potty should remove any chance of cross contamination. I totally agree that this inexpensive device should be part of the modification. A possible added advantage would be the soapy flush water helping to keep the bowl clean.

Using fresh water for toilet flush doesn’t really impact the amount of total fresh water carried. Each mod has to be evaluated for the environment in which it will be used. The old gray water bucket by the potty trick still works well!

We currently haul a tank a week up across the neighbors lawn, about 500′ and you can’t use the ball attachment as the lawn is too unstable. Another change to consider would be to tap the side of the grey tank a few inches from the bottom. Also, if you tap into the side of the grey tank, you have to wait longer to build up sufficient water for flushing. Installation took a little while but it looks very professional and integrated into the coach. I carry 136gal fresh, 100 gal grey and 50 black and we still run out or get close to running out of water. In my own opinion, the cross contamination is a slight posibility, but that’s like anything else. I recommend that the pump always be mounted with the motor up above the pump head. Permission must be obtained from the author before duplication or reposting.

Cutting And Installing Lowe’S Countertops | Duration 14 Minutes 35 Seconds

We generally make the trip up to the mountain at least twice a year.

Our fifth wheel camper has a 62 gallon fresh water tank while the bath, galley and toilet holding tanks are 40 gallons each, for a total of 120 gallons of waste water storage. The galley and toilet holding tanks are more than adequate in capacity for storing waste water for at least a week. Of course one way to accomplish this is simply not to shower. What bothered me was how we used fresh water to flush the toilet. Why do we need fresh water when we have a tank full of slightly used bath water?

The plan involved installing a cut-off valve so that the fresh water supply could be completely isolated from the potty’s water flush line. A switch next to the potty would allow us to turn the pump off at night or when we reverted back to a fresh water flush system.

Lowe’S Kitchen Remodel Update Before Counter Tops Prepping For Counter Tops Installation | Duration 4 Minutes 11 Seconds

I mounted this pump on the utility wall in the basement of the camper (photo #1) and ran wiring for an on/off switch up through the floor of the potty area so it resides next to the potty (photo #2). One of the smaller 40 psi pumps that provide 1 gallon per minute should work fine. The bath water tank dump valve is left open so water is present at the outlet. I would add a pump strainer on the inlet side to protect the pump. After using the pump and gray water to flush the toilet, the line is filled with gray water. Things like backflow prevention valves do not work perfectly. Apparently you are of the opinion that the contaminated gray water might flow backwards into a pressurized line or perhaps the bacteria will somehow migrate back into your fresh water tank. Allowing a system to rest under this condition would not be a good idea. The inclusion of a check valve into the line before the diverter valve is an excellent idea.

You can always use a bucket of fresh until you build some ‘grey’ stock. Let’s face it, water shortages world-wide are making us be a little more careful with wastage.Behind and left of this is an empty space to the rear of the fender well. That’s why cities mandate anti-siphon valves in home sprinkler systems, a far cleaner system than our grey water semi cesspool. I have re-examined my original install and have added a check valve to the system as a secondary fail-safe device. This mod should not be done if you are unsure of or uncomfortable with issues related to cross contamination in your particular application. I would be inclined to use this mod, but not bother with the fresh water switch, just use the grey water, thus no backflow issues. The soap in the grey water should help the black tank handle waste.

Lowe’S 180fx Laminate Countertops From Vimeo | Duration 1 Minutes 53 Seconds

Using a short section of garden hose (or an old washing machine water hose) with its screw attachment, along with the washing machine screen, should take care of any hair or solids. I plan on using only the grey water tank to recycle grey water for flushing. Like one persone said, we’re talking about a water line thats connected direcctly to a toilet for crying out loud. I moved my switch also and getting ready to hook the other one by the sink back up. It should also allow me to winterize the grey pump and line. I plan on disconnecting the freshwater completely and only using grey water. All it takes is gravity and an open valve in the fresh water system to suck grey water into the fresh water system.

You mounted the pump with the motor below the pump head. Then if (when, actually) the pump head leaks, it won’t ruin the motor.

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