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Basic GPS VHF DSC Radio Installation In A Boat Wax Corian

  • Listed: March 9, 2019 8:22 am


I might want to relocate stuff, so the fewer holes the better. However, this area is a compound curve, so getting something to fit right might be difficult. I purchased a scrap piece that came from a sink cutout from a cabinet shop. Green was the only color the shop had – fortunately, the boat trim is green, so it worked out. The ears were just about too large for this side of the dash as well.I taped the dash insert to allow for a easy method of transfering the template alighment marks.

The cut-off wheel throws fine aluminum “dust” all over the place – so tape up all electrical connections and switches so you don’t have electrical problems later. I mounted this block in the right dashboard hole area, but left room for future gauges or accessories to be installed in the right dash area. Here is the final installation of the radio with the dash re-installed. Although intended for epoxy resin, it worked fine with the polyester. I finished sanded the area with 2, 000 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper, used wet.

How To Corian Countertop Finishing And Polishing Part 2 | Duration 12 Minutes 32 Seconds

The only option would be to replace the radio with a smaller one. The fender washers will help spread out any stress from the antenna mount. Therefore, part of the installation is removal of the original radio, and repair of the holes drilled into the helm. Since woodworking is one of my hobbies, it gave me a chance to work a new medium. Here is a drawing of how the whole thing fits together – and through the cup holder. The flush mount kit had mounting ears that made the radio too large for the right side of the dash. I only had a inch or so of “wiggle room”, so the template let me determine the proper location. These are the standard dash mounting screws, and they served as alignment marks for transferring the template to the dash insert. The dash ended up being made out of aluminim, with a facing of plastic wood grain. This gel coat had the consistancy of clay, so it filled the holes really nice. The holes are slightly noticeable, since the gel coat repair not quite the exact color.

blog modeljunkyard wax corian Basic GPS VHF DSC Radio Installation in a Boat Wax Corian

I am not 100% happy with the radio location, but there is no alternative in-dash location possible. Unfortunately, the original installer of the antenna did not know about this, and missed the mounting pads. The first step was to remove the old mount, clean up the sealant (fortunately, 5200 was not used), then mask off the hole areas and fill them with epoxy. I used stainless hardware, including 1in dia fender washers. I used enough sealant that it gushed under the fender washers on the inside of the boat.

Flex Overlays by flex-overlays.com

We have specialized equipment to obtain professional finishes.

You show us a sample that you want and we duplicate it on your countertop. Colors can be made to match anything from granite, marble or tile.

We will replicate that pattern on your countertop, vanity or just about anywhere in your home!

We are always looking world wide for improvements to our product line and continue to update our product and procedures for the best possible results.

We have pigments, paint and stone accents to use for different color applications. How long does it take to do the whole kitchen with cabinets?

image Basic GPS VHF DSC Radio Installation in a Boat Wax Corian

All pictures are faux granite marble applied to worn out countertops. Commercial grade products create a clear stain proof surface. The surface is stain proof and is similar to what is used on bar tops.

We first use aliphatic chemicals formulated to adhere to tile and formica. Yes some care needs to be taken when cutting or placing sharp items on the surface. This product will resist heat up to 500 degrees but you will need to take some care with hot items and not place them on your countertop.

Metallicus Granite Mica Flecks Coming Off by countertopspecialty.com

This would be a total nightmare of continuous granite counter top maintenance. The problem with the metal in the granite is that it’s softer so thin flakes and specks can be removed from the surface with mild friction. Problem is that permanent topical coatings can be a pain. Also , topical coatings make any repair much more difficult since usually you need to remove the coating.

How To Corian Countertop Finishing And Polishing Part 1 | Duration 12 Minutes 11 Seconds

We seal the granite with a permeating sealer on all jobs before installation that obviously does not address this problem. A few other stones have a similar granite counter top maintenance problem with a fine grit constantly developing on the surface. The typical impregnating sealer applied to guard against staining works below the surface and does not create an all encompassing shell, which is what you need. They can need regular upkeep and maintenance or they start to look shoddy and many look plastic to begin with. Now instead of granite countertop maintenance you need to care for the coating. I wouldn’t recommend applying even the most advanced of these coatings for general application though. A topical coating is the only thing that will stop that from happening but topical coatings come with their own set of problems.

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