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Choosing The Best Countertops Profile Edge Choice

  • Listed: March 9, 2019 8:22 am


Every decision you make paints strokes towards the bigger picture. This is because the guest’s attention is drawn to these edges instead of the overall picture. Despite what the name implies, straight edges are neither sharp nor dangerous. This style will help complement the minimal decor and panache, avoiding the situation where one small detail strangely overwhelms everything else. These curves won’t bite back with each bump, and they can be laminated for an even softer touch on the slab.Even with this addition, the ogee makes a fine choice for a traditional kitchen with an island.

Typically, homeowners only use fancy edges on the kitchen islands rather than on every counter in the kitchen. Regardless of the kind of style you’re seeking, the little details are what give a kitchen its stand-out personality. Therefore it requires careful scrutiny, especially with edges on the kitchen countertops. If your kitchen relies on a clean, modern kitchen style, a straight edge could be the right type for you. In fact, they’re somewhat softened and sometimes even rounded to provide a clean edge without running the risk of injury when bumping into them.If you’re interested in making a countertop stand out without being too overwhelming, a square, mitered edge can make all the difference. If even softened straight edges raise concern about young children bumping heads, curves can be an excellent alternative option for safety. The ogee resembles the bullnose but takes an additional contemporary approach by adding a square edge along the perimeter. As a result, that will sure start the conversation with your next houseguest. But won’t draw too much attention away from the rest of the room.

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farm5 staticflickr edge choice Choosing the Best Countertops Profile Edge Choice

Whatever your preference, it should enhance the appearance of the entire room. Almost all these styles originate from one of a handful of basic cuts. This crisp edge is considered an attractive accent by many, yet a distraction by others. A straight edge on a stone countertop adds to its impressive, weighty appearance. This style has been popular for a long time, and while still loved by many, it is beginning to be considered dated by some. Variations of the traditional beveled edge include trimming the bottom edge as well, or altering the angle of the bevel. And, resting one’s elbows on the bevel could quickly become uncomfortable. Considered timeless, this edge always seems to feel appropriate. Like the straight edge, it compliments the massive appeal of both stone and simulated stone. And when it comes to comfort, its a hands-down victory for the bullnose since there are no ridges to irritate elbows. The laminate or cut stone curves down from the top edge and falls toward the floor. This is considered the edge to use when a touch of elegance is desired. The multiple ridges mean it takes a little more effort to keep clean, and although the lines are often softened, it may still get uncomfortable for arms to rest on them for any period of time.

The stone appears as if it were just chiseled from its natural surroundings, maintaining its rough-hewn edge. If you want to be creative, and cost is not a concern, consider a custom approach to make your kitchen countertop distinctive. The options of color, texture and size are abundant and your choice will be a focal point of the room for years to come. Some people like the look of hard edges, others soft, still others a combination of both. The most popular countertops sold today are either stone or laminate and both can have any of dozens of edging styles applied to them. Here is a review of some of them as well as other traits that should be kept in mind. With laminates, the vertical front edge meets the top edge leaving an exposed line. The same effect can be had on a laminated countertop through a technique known as “mitering”. This approach gives the impression of a more imposing slab of stone, but at a minimal cost. Due to this fact, many such edges are chiseled down in a process known as “easing”. One custom option for laminated counters is to use a contrasting strip of laminate on the beveled edge itself.

Kitchen Countertop Edge Profiles 8 Cambria Edge Profiles | Duration 9 Minutes 25 Seconds

The bullnose has both a convex rounded top and bottom creating a soft, inviting look. Spills are a little less likely to reach the floor as fluids tend to adhere to the curved surface. This method of easing can take on endless forms from the full, to half, to double bullnose and more. It too can take on many transformations by adding deeper or additional grooves in either direction. The marine edge can be very attractive and is extremely practical, making it almost impossible for spills to hit the floor. Its the little things that can add zest to life; and in your kitchen that spark just might come from your choice of a countertop edge style.

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