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Surface Premier Countertops Price Comparison Chart

  • Listed: March 9, 2019 8:22 am


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Compare KitchenAid Mixers by kitchentoolreviews.com

We wouldn’t recommend a glass bowl right from the start . Spending this kind of money on a stand mixer and having to stop and constantly scrape the bottom and sides of the mixing bowl is a waste of time, will result in inferior mixing results, and frankly isn’t what you are paying for. It comes with a stainless steel bowl with a handle that is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.It is also listed as weighing 37 pounds, which is very hefty and will be challenging to move around frequently.

You do a moderate amount of baking and need a capable, long lasting mixer with capacity for multiple loads. This tilt-head mixer offers a stainless steel mixing bowl with an integrated handle, and provides 59-point planetary mixing action – basically touching 59 points around the bowl on every rotation to ensure even and complete mixing. This mixer is worth spending the money if you want the metallic finish as part of your décor. Premium price in some cases for the satin copper finish, and keep your eye on the finish if you go with the copper mixer.

You prefer a bowl lift mechanism over a tilt head mixer [can use while sitting under a cabinet].

Plain And Simple Countertop Price Chart From Countertopinvestigator.Com

There are a very large number of positive reviews across multiple sites, so we feel this is a very solid, heavy duty mixer that may have some quality control issues with their attachments. It has a almost perfect blend of power (325 watts), size, weight, and mixing ability. At 26 pounds it isn’t the lightest mixer, but it is easier to move around than many other models while not sacrificing stability during mixing.

You have medium-heavy sized baking and cooking needs.

You plan on frequent use with heavy batches – this is a powerful mixer. The oldest review we could find was from 2013, so this isn’t a 30 year old mixer. It has a 59-point planetary mixing action, which ensures your ingredients are mixed very thoroughly. Some reports of the powder coating coming off the attachments – primarily after putting the mixing paddle through the dishwasher. If you hand wash attachments and don’t make a lot of bread this machine may be perfect for you given the price, power, and smaller bowl footprint. The best mixer for your friend may not be right for you at all. Specialized recipes using mixer attachments – making your own pasta, sausages, ice cream, etc.

Glass mixing bowls – the almost universal feedback is glass bowls are heavy, prone to breakage, and due to their weight can be difficult to actually get attached to the mixer. Mixing ability – if a particular model has large number of reports of attachments not reaching the sides and bottom of the bowl. Due to the high power and torgue this motor delivers, you will encounter less heat buildup or motor burnouts than with most other models. Most buyers love that it comes in metallic colors, which are vibrant and add a distinct touch of style to any kitchen. Can leave unattended and not worry about it wondering around your kitchen. Many reviewers reported that replacing the glass bowl with a stainless one [and getting stand mixer attachments specific to that mixing bowl] resolved most of the mixing issues with ingredients left in the bottom and on sides of the bowl.

You won’t tend to move it back and forth from a cabinet, given it’s weight of 27 pounds. At 325 watts it is not the most powerful mixer in the lineup, but provides more than enough power for common small-medium load mixing.

You prefer a glass bowl over stainless steel and are ok with the weight and potential for breakage. At 550 watts it is on the higher end of power for a stand mixer, and is capable of powering through virtually all residential style recipes and volumes. At 34 pounds you will struggle moving it around your kitchen frequently.

You won’t want to use a stand mixer if you can’t even get it positioned right on your counter, or moved out of the cabinet. The glass bowl is heavy, can be difficult to attach, and frequent scraping means you are moving the bowl a fair amount.

The mixing ability is a show stopper for us, and although some owners were able to replace the glass bowl with a steel one, you shouldn’t need to do this on a mixer that is in this price range. It is a fairly massive piece of kitchen machinery, so be sure you have the space and need the weight and power of this mixer before purchasing!

However, the discoloring in food caused by the aluminum beater and dough hook are cause for concern. All previous caveats around glass bowls apply here with some issues with mixing ability, weight of the bowl, and of course it is glass and can be prone to breakage. With literally over 10, 000 reviews posted online across multiple sites, it is easy to see why most light to moderate bakers and residential “chefs” have one of these mixers sitting in their kitchen. It has a 475 watt motor [more powerful than the artisan], and weighs 30 pounds. What is interesting is there are very few online retailers that carry this model. For the price you get a ton of mixing power, stable at 30 pounds, and a direct drive transmission with stainless steel gears, and is all-metal construction. One of the more powerful, well built mixers in this price range. It is not a powerhouse, yet has sufficient power for most common residential stand mixer needs.

Countertop Comparison Chart by graniterra.com

Cost Of Granite Countertops | Duration 2 Minutes 37 Seconds

In the end, the decision is yours alone, but this comparison chart can help guide you. In the kitchen, it is advised to always use cutting boards and avoid utensils scratching counter surfaces, which can alleviate the need to find a hearty counter. Products that do not require regular sealing or oiling score well in this category. This can be avoided by using pot holders and cooling racks, but some people prefer the convenience of placing their hot items directly on counter surfaces. It should be noted that most porous materials can be sealed to protect the surface and resist staining. This should be applied professionally for some materials, otherwise your finish will not be as effective at protecting. Sometimes you get what you pay for, though (as most marble & granite counter owners will tell you – the material is worth the expense for the beauty). Any material can be three stars in your book, though!

Some people are willing to overlook one category for the sake of another. Countertop sealant needs to be applied frequently in the kitchen area, once a year or a little less depending on the material.

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