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DIY Kitchen Renovations ~ Resurface Countertops Refinishing Kit Lowe

  • Listed: May 13, 2019 2:54 am


Unlike those kits which are very difficult to work with, you can avoid mistakes while using our kits even if you’re not a pro at it. I have 1980’s formica counters that were in pretty good shape but they just looked old and outdated. The hardest part was having the patience to wait between steps!

Now, people can’t believe the difference and how awesome my counters look. Our bathroom and kitchen countertop refinishing kit is ideal for countertops, back splashes, and even entire walls.After letting it dry overnight, apply two coats of our standard stone clear topcoat on the surface.

No need to worry about our epoxy countertops chipping or flaking off as with other cheap refinishing kits. Furthermore, you don’t need to have special artistic skills to use our kits. Irregular or porous surfaces such as cinder block may require greater quantities per square foot. Plus, we reasoned that the counter tops were still in very good condition; no cracks, no stains, no water damage. I moved on to counter top resurfacing/refinishing/making less ugly kits.Large vehicles, heavy equipment, airplanes, you name it- they all drive on top of their product every day. I started googling for reviews, pictures, tutorials and was surprised to not find very many. The only items not included that we used were painters tape, plastic sheeting to cover the front of the cabinets, some extra roller trays.

We had one shot at this, and weren’t planning on messing up.

We just had to be sure to remember the edges and sides.

We didn’t want to open windows or run fans that would stir up dust and dog hair so we got out our trusty plastic sheeting and created another kitchen crime scene. The instructions said to let dry 24 hours, but we used an abundance of caution simply because they looked so much better and who wants to mess that up?

I could not be any happier with how painless this process was and the final results!

I have tried two different products and was not happy with the results. Hope these pictures show how ugly our harvest gold 70’s compared to our new “granite” counters were3. I didn’t want new laminate and granite or other stone counters were out of the question.

Then, apply our granite epoxy using the special roller included in the kit to automatically create the granite effect and leave nothing to chance. Alternatively, you can apply a single coating of the extra thick version of our clear coat to provide that high polished granite look with a bartop smooth durable surface. Refinished kitchen countertops made with our kits are also highly resistant to scratches, cuts, and heat!

You also don’t have to worry about working with special chemicals and sprinkling in special effects since the effects are already built into the paint. The price point was more reasonable and we would be the labor so we could save there too. I kept reading reviews and there were so many reports of the poly top coat yellowing, staining easily, and the finished product chipping very easily. My kid puts his cups in the sink by whipping them at it and his aim is not too fabulous. Clearly whatever product they offer needs to be tough, durable, and stain resistant. Mike quickly removed the old caulking from the counter tops behind the sink.

We also wiped down the counters to remove any grease, dirt, etc., that would keep the paint from adhering correctly. Next, we taped off/covered anything that we didn’t want covered in granite epoxy. The directions clearly stated to lift the roller when you came to the end of a stroke instead of rolling again. This coat took the longest to dry, but it was totally worth it.

It kept the fumes in the kitchen and out of the rest of the house. Mike touched up the paint around it and applied the new caulking in the meantime. The “avalanche” color kit we chose is neutral and has a little bit of all the colors we have introduced into the kitchen. I spilled ketchup and tomato sauce on them and wiped them with water and no stains.

Epoxy Kitchen Countertop Refinishing Kits by armorgarage.com

You should have the regular accessories on hand that you would for any normal paint job such as rags, painters tape, plastic and stir sticks. I would recommend the thick top coat and lightly sanding the counters before you apply the top coat for a smoother finish. Then use supplied stone effect roller(honeycomb roller) to apply granite paint. Let completely dry, overnight if need be and then apply second coat. Stir clear coat in the can and simply roll on like regular paint. If second coat is desired let first coat completely dry first.

Daich Spreadstone Mineral Select 1 Qt. Yosemite Countertop Refinishing Kit (4 Count) Dct Mns Yos The Home Depot From Homedepot | Duration 4 Minutes 5 Seconds

Then we recommend you apply the granite paint in two tin layers rather than one thick coating to ensure a smoother finish. If using the extra thick topcoat one layer should suffice but you can add another layer if desired. I did not tape around my sink or stove because we just took them out to make it easier. The final results really looks like stone tops and does not look cheap. My reasons for choosing this product was because it is guaranteed, thicker than the others brands, heat resistant, and easily applied. If surface is very smooth lightly scuff with 30 grit sandpaper to scratch up the surface. One is to fully tape everything and one where only the sink and back splash were done. Next mix the granite paint in can until uniform in color, use supplied corner roller to cut in. Use gentle slow strokes to apply an even thin coat from back to front and down the edge. If using the extra thick topcoat apply by roller or brush, do not apply too much material at one time to avoid uneven curing. For best results lightly sand the first coat before applying the second coat. If going over tile you may want to apply the granite paint in two applications, one to fill in grout lines(make sure grout is clean before priming) and then second coat over the entire surface. Yes, just sand with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper and wipe off residue. Other kits require squeegeeing and applying special effect flakes that are very difficult to get to look right.

You can apply the next coating as soon as the previous coating is tack free. If you are applying the standard topcoat you can roll on multiple layers.

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