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Emergency Water Filtration Covering System

  • Listed: March 19, 2019 2:45 am


Without proper fluid intake the body begins to show symptoms of dehydration. However drinking untreated water can further increase water loss. For this reason, it is a good idea to expand your knowledge of water purification methods. The methods covered on this article are for educational purpose only. Parasites and bacteria carried inside the solid (soil) particles are harder to destroy.Second, we need to remove sediment or particles from the water.

Their potential toxic effects can cause adverse health defects on humans and animals. Catching rain water is a good way to avoid harmful chemicals. Depending on the filter micron rating some of the chemicals can be removed. So what are some of our choices for water purification during an emergency?

Some people purchase water filtration systems before being faced with an emergency.Giardia may cause diarrhea, fatigue, and cramps after ingestion. Boil filtered and settled water vigorously for one minute (at altitudes above one mile, boil for three minutes). There are also companies that sell the ceramic filter element. By using a pore size smaller than the viruses, bacteria or sediment, the water passes through the filter while the impurities are captured by the filter. Filters can be built using drink bottles, aluminum cans, and coffee cans. After reading several sources claiming that sphagnum would release iodine into the water, we decided to give it the practicalsurvivor trial.

We drop the test strip into the water and leave it for 30 seconds. The iodine test strips are color based so our concern was that the tint of the sphagnum would alter our test results. Charcoal is used to improve the smell and taste of the water. Testing with sphagnum moss from a peat bog might show a higher level of iodine. This chemical compound has many uses from fire starting to water purification.

Larger models usually cost in the range of two hundred dollars or more.

We were able to build a long lasting (up to eight month) water filtration system for under fifty dollars. One hole is drilled at the bottom of the clean water bucket (blue bucket), one hole on the lid of the clean water bucket and one hole at the bottom of the unclean water bucket. The spigot allows us to access the clean water without having to open the system.

We would not want the contaminated water to drip into our clean water supply. The top bucket (white unclean water) bucket will need a hole at the bottom center.

We installed the pre-filter sock to protect the filter during installation. Water borne diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, and cholera are just a few of the problems we have to deal with.

We have several articles covering the importance of proper hydration in several articles. Usually the best methods to purify water are boiling and distillation. A water distiller can be built using common items such as a pressure cooker or tea pot. Any time a chemical is used, the mix should be allowed sit for at least thirty minutes. However, if we look around, there are still plenty of water sources.

We should try to collect from a water source is free of chemicals. Third step is to properly treat the water to make it safe for consumption. It is important that we keep this in mind when gathering water. Its crucial to avoid long term exposure to these bioaccumulative toxins. This can be done with rain barrels, tarpaulins (tarps), and containers. A micron rating for a water filter is an attempt to quantify the ability of the filter to remove contaminants of a particular size. How we will purify the water depending on how much pre-planning has been done. These disease-causing organisms are less likely to occur in well water (as long as it has not been affected by flood waters). People with severely weakened immune systems are likely to have more severe and more persistent symptoms than healthy individuals. If the water is contaminated with chemicals (pesticides, petroleum, glycol) then distillation would be an alternative. Understanding contaminant size and different levels of filtration determined by the filter hole size is important.

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Some bacteria and viruses will get past the filter, so it is still a good idea to boil or treat the water. Some filters include a chemical treatment stage such as paper treated with iodine. Water procurement in an urban survival situation such as an earthquake or hurricane can be tricky.

We decided to build a filter that could be put together with items from a hardware store or even your backyard. Water is then allowed to sit for 10 minutes for full treatment. Using iodine test strips we pour ten ounces of distilled water into a bowl.

We tested with the sphagnum in the water and after removing it. The stages are set up to help remove sediment and possibly some of the parasite.

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Increasing the contact time with the peat moss did not increase the level of iodine. All the testing was done with sphagnum purchased at a store. Although a personal unit could be used as a last resort, it may not be sufficient for a family. The lid on the clean water bucket will need a hole to allow the water to drip down. This will allow us to push the filter through and for the water to work its way through the ceramic filter.

RV Holding Tank Monitor System by modmyrv.com

As simple as these monitors are, they aren’t telling the full picture. Whenever the fluid inside the tank contacts these sensors a light will light up indicating just how full that tank is. Even when the sensors are clean, they still don’t give really accurate readings. Conversely, your fresh water may be between 34% and 65% full and it will indicate 1/3 on your monitor display. These monitoring systems work completely different from the standard fare.They can never be fouled or contaminated as they never see the inside of the tank. From the outside of the tank, the sensors determine the tanks level by the density difference of the liquid as measured between all the sensors on the strip. The second method is to start from scratch and run new wires. The easiest way to do this mod is to reuse the existing sensor wiring. Remove the current monitor and detach wiring, paying careful attention to which wires came from where.

You can mark them with a piece of masking tape wrapped around the wire with the location written on the tape.The next step is to mount the sensors and connect them to the factory level sensor wiring. This could be a bit of a challenge depending on where your holding tanks are located. For travel trailers and fifth wheels, you may have to remove the sheeting covering your holding tanks to gain access. Make sure that any metal is at least an inch away from the sender. Now peel the adhesive backing from the sensor strip, square up the strip with the top and bottom of the tank, and stick on. Einstein once said that things should be made a simple as possible but not any simpler. Only the most basic model installation was described in this mod. I might even revert back to the factory gauges just in case. It’s not as sophisticated but might be a good alternative given the issue. Looks like they only sense single points, but the technology looks similar. Can these sensors ‘look’ through the black wall of the holding tanks to “see” the levels?

They also don’t use any power at all until you hit the button to check the level. In other words the black water button might read the gray water and vice versa.The first was done in 2009 and the second on a new trailer in 2012. I used the original wiring, including the original power feeds.

You could try other systems as well, such as a float based system or one that employs something resistively. It connects to the water pump that is usually accessible and you don’t need to access the tanks. Anyone know about the proper wiring for a fresh water tank?

These sensors are the same as used on fresh water, gray water, and black water holding tanks. Various tricks range from dumping water softener or other chemicals into the tanks to dumping bags of crushed ice into the tank and then driving around to knock the crud off of the sensors. If you have a gray water tank that is filled to around 60%, your monitor lights will indicate that it is only 1/3 full because the water level has not yet reached the 2/3 sensor. As soon as you run a quart of water through the faucet, that light may read empty, even if you were at the 34% level. Installation is much easier than understanding how the sensors work. If you opt for the second method, consider where you will mount the display and how you will route the new wiring. This is what most folks choose as it gets you quickly to holding tank level measuring capacity nirvana. Depending on where the existing level monitor is, you may be able to directly replace it. Keep the wiring hanging out of the hole and carefully cut the hole to the appropriate size. Find a flat vertical area on the side of your holding tanks to fit the sensor strips. Motorhomes tend to provide the easiest access to the holding tanks as they are usually just behind a bay door next to the holding tank controls and valves. Be sure the area you selected for the sensor strip on the side of the tank is large enough so the whole width of the sender is in contact with the side of the tank, all the way from the top to the bottom of the tank. If the sensor strip is too long for the height of your tank, you can cut them. As with the display wiring, the sensor wiring is really easy. Splicing connectors are provided in the kit to make the job simple. Now all that’s left is to calibrate the display and your done. Knowing your tanks levels to the highest accuracy possible is now simple. If you have an enclosed water bay or a way to waterproof the display panel, adding a second display can help you know when your tanks are empty at the dump station without leaving the comfort of the sewer drain hole. And although there was no documentation specifying maximum current for the switch (shame on the company!), it doesn’t look like it’s a defective unit. Let’s watch this one closely to see what the outcome ends up being. By doing this mod though, you do realize that you will be lowering the number of sales for the tire companies by never having a blowout again, right?

Gray water’s giving me trouble because the system seems to get air trapped in it. The company now has two different sizes of sensor, a shorter one for smaller tanks like most of mine, and a longer one for larger tanks such as my fresh tank. Called seelevel, they said the sensor boards were not made to get wet and refused to warrantee their product. I would just suggest trying an alternative board that is considerably cheaper so that it doesn’t take quite a hole out of your pocket if it doesn’t work out. Also, it happens to be in a watertight enclosure: which hopefully may be useful to you. Can u possibly send me a schematic on how to wire this monitor to the stock monitor that my sandpiper came with?

And after a few times going through filling and emptying your tanks, you’ll get a good feel for what your water usage is and how you can better manage your holding tanks.

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