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How To Build A Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower For Your Next DIY Herb Planter

  • Listed: March 19, 2019 2:45 am


We also added a layer of rocks and gravel underneath the dirt to try to help with water drainage. By doing this the top layers will not dry out and the water will also trickle down to the base layers ensuring even watering if we time it correctly. Of course, it would not be as pleasing to the eye, but so much easier. It would also make it easier to have an unused center to save on soil. For additional water retention, why not add water retaining gel or some sort of water retaining mix to the soil?

It would also lighten the entire assembly to ease moving it around.

If you lose the space it will likely stunt the plant growth and production. The book says to make a 15 degree cut, but doesn’t mention how far in to start the cut. Also, i’m not sure what’s the middle beam is for, a tipi with 4 corners like that should be strong enought itself, but i guess better safe than sorry. I wouldn’t want to have to replace the strawberry plants every year. That would allow interior watering, drawing roots deep into the soil.The hose connection comes out about two feet from the ground and extends just far enough to get your hand on it.

We attached the timer to our water pipe, cut lengths of tubing and put a section of soaker hose in each container. I set up the timer to early mornings for about an hour a day.

You can make the system as short or long as you want. Oh…and we put a double split on the water pipe so we could use the other one too. If you don’t have enough room to plant this year try going vertical. Also, since the upper most layers will dry out the fastest, in the future we want to rig up a time controlled spray irrigation line from the very top of our garden pyramid planter. Also, the sides were rather steep and watering from the outside proved trying. In you are planning on a central watering pipe, make sure the bottom is plugged or the water will just run away on you. Even if you had a computer program to maximize the cuts, you’ll use at least double the number of 1×6’s. I also believe that it would conserve dehydration since the soil would be somewhat protected from direct midday sun, but still allow the leaves of the plant sunlight.

4 bp blogspot herb planter How to Build a Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower for Your Next DIY Herb Planter

The very top of course and maybe a couple levels down wouldn’t need this boxing or back wall. The boxes are shallow enough that you’re going to need that extra space. For the top of the side pieces of the frame, do you know what the measurement where they meet up with the top trim?

The simplest way to address the watering and this would lend to the aesthetics… run a waterline up two sides in the center of the 2x’s….then two lines to the boxes. I would have use cedar from top to bottom myself (i have concern with the plywood resistance mid-term, which i do not with cedar). Just enough to fill 1 to 2 inches full of rocks that way as it rains the soil is damp from each of the levels. My concern is the amount of money out into it for the wood to rot after multiple watering. I am also placing the pyramid into a large pot instead of having it on a base with wheels. About how many strawberry plants can you plant in this tower?

Not sure how you could construct this out of longer life materials though. This system seems to work, but neither of the pyramids is fully populated, so it is kind of hard to tell.

We made a drip system from plastic tubing for drip systems, soaker tubing, and a timer. All of the end are plugged off with caps so water doesn’t gush out.

This of course depends on where you live and how hot it gets. It worked so well that we went off for a week’s vacation and had to pick, pick…veggies when we returned as they flourished so well.

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