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How To Countertops Install Video

  • Listed: March 5, 2019 7:33 am


In fact, plastic laminate is a kitchen countertop that’s easy to live with and easy on the budget, too. To prevent chipping when cutting, apply a strip of masking tape to the area that will be cut and whenever possible, turn the countertop over and make cuts from the bottom. The pieces are aligned on the job site and joined together from underneath the countertop using special miter bolts. Custom laminate countertops usually have a square front edge and come with a separate, detached backsplash. Once the cement is dry, spacer stickers are placed on the substrate and the laminate is carefully positioned on it.Plastic laminate countertops rank as the least expensive, making them a good choice for those on a tight budget.

Plastic laminates are made from layers of paper and plastic resin that are fused together under high heat and pressure. Usually they come already cut to length, but holes for sinks and appliances can be made on site using a circular saw or sabre saw. Plastic laminate can be molded at the factory around the front edge and backsplash of the substrate in one continuous piece. When two pieces of plastic laminate countertop meet at right angles, the pieces are mitered by cutting each piece to a 45-degree angle, and slots are then cut into the bottom of the substrate. Plastic laminate counters can also be custom-made to suit specific dimensions.Applying contact cement to both the laminate and substrate forms custom laminate counters. The sticks are then removed and a roller is used to press the laminate and substrate together.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop Installation and Removal Guide by kitchenremodelguides.com

Use the pry bar to pry it off cabinetry, if it’s been glued. Doing this part of the job yourself and disposing of the materials might save you 10% or more of the labor cost on cabinets and countertops. These instructions are intended for overview purposes and are not meant to be an exhaustive guide to countertop installation. If you don’t add a layer of plywood, you’ll likely have to add plywood supports are crucial areas to eliminate sagging and stress on the quartz.

c1 staticflickr install video How to Countertops Install Video

If there are gaps between the plywood and wall because the wall doesn’t run perfectly straight, you’ll need to trim the plywood. With the plywood pieces in place, run the guide along the place where the plywood meets the wall. Secure it to studs or the base cabinets with mending brackets. Use craft paper atop the plywood to create a template for the countertop. Use a grinder or circular saw with a diamond bit to slowly and gently remove quartz material to create a tailored fit with the wall. Check them with a six-foot level, and where they’re not level, use wood screws to level them. Insert the wood screws through the pilot holes, and use them to raise the level of the quartz to fit adjoining pieces. Apply a bead around the perimeter of the plywood or the top of the cabinets, install the quartz pieces, and apply slight downward pressure to hold them in place. Fill the seams with an epoxy seam sealer recommended by the countertop retailer. Just keep in mind that the greater expense is in the cost of the quartz, and if you make a mistake and have to replace a piece of quartz, you’ve lost your savings.

You should be comfortable cutting hard material with a circular saw, leveling materials and working with 2-part epoxy (used for the seams). How long does it take to install quartz countertops?

If you’re hiring a contractor, it will help you to discuss the work with those you’re interviewing and discern whether they’ve got the required expertise.

The lines will contain a small amount of water, so keep the towel or buck handy. To do this, cut a piece of wood the width of the widest gap to serve as a guide. Hold a pencil lead to the plywood where the outside of the piece of wood meets it to create a trim line. Use the template to mark where the quartz pieces need to be trimmed. The point is: make sure your skills and knowledge are up to the task!

Past experience with countertop installation is very helpful. Removing old countertops and cabinetry will take several hours.

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