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Maintenance And Operations At Menards® Appliance Repair

  • Listed: April 3, 2019 12:48 am


Menards® has all the tools you need to ensure that your commercial property or business is always in tip-top shape.

We also offer a wide range of lighting and electrical supplies and products. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of painting supplies to brighten up interior or exterior walls.

We offer commercial doors and windows in a wide range of styles, sizes, and finishes to best suit the needs and appearance of any building. Whether you are wiring a new building, installing new lighting, or updating your lighting and electrical, you will find exactly what you need.Maintain your facilities with our selection of janitorial equipment and hardware and fasteners, and make sure you have the equipment to complete any job with our variety of material handling and storage products.

You can also provide a great first impression with our selection of groundskeeping equipment to ensure that the exterior of your property is as beautiful as the interior.

Microwave Turntable Repair Guide by appliance-repair-it.com

A turntable is just a motor that slowly rotates a glass plate in the microwave to provide a more even cook. If it isn’t turned, off read each section until your turntable is working again. So if you are uncomfortable with the diagnosing process, check to make sure the coupling isn’t broken or cracked and if it is not replace the motor and most likely it will be repaired.

Edgestar Dwp61es Countertop Dishwasher Service Provider Support Pt. 2 | Duration 11 Minutes 33 Seconds

This should be the first thing you check because it is easiest to access. Then using an ohmmeter, to check for continuity across the motor and if it is open replace it. If the motor isn’t open it still could be bad, the only way to confirm is to check voltage. Look on the turntable motor and see what voltage it is rated for. If there is voltage and the turntable will not turn, replace the turntable motor and if there isn’t voltage replace the control board. I will say the best thing to do is to just replace the turntable motor rather than trying to diagnose the problem on countertop models. The microwave turntable motor and the stirrer motor are the two most likely things that will cause microwaves to become noisy if you are not having problems with it heating. This will cause the diode, capacitor and magnetron tube to only run about 10% of the time. If the noise goes away your turntable motor is bad, if not you may have a bad stirrer motor. Once done unplug the motor put the microwave back together and run it. If your microwave turntable doesn’t work, you are not getting as much performance out of the microwave as possible.

On some microwaves there is an option to turn the turntable off so make sure it isn’t turned off before trying to troubleshoot. Sometimes a microwave turntable motor will become noisy and this is covered on this page as well. I will say right up front that the turntable motors go out a lot more than the control in this regard. The coupler is the plastic piece that connects the motor to the turntable. Simply remove the turntable and you should be able to pull the coupler off with a screwdriver. If you have an over the counter microwave you should be able to remove the bottom of the microwave without taking the microwave down. Once done you should see the turntable motor, remove the wires. If you have a countertop microwave it is a little more difficult to diagnose. If the noise is continuous you know the problem isn’t the magnetron tube, capacitor, or the diode. If your microwave is noisy, the first thing you should do is turn the turntable off if your microwave has the option to turn it off. If your microwave doesn’t have the option to turn the turntable off you will need to locate the turntable motor by removing the bottom on an over the counter microwaves and removing the case of a countertop microwave.

zUOTq Maintenance and Operations at Menards® Appliance Repair

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