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Marble Polishing ETCH REMOVER Specialty Stone Care Product

  • Listed: March 14, 2019 5:19 am


The acids and chemicals can corrode or “etch” the surface creating dull spots, clear or light-colored spots and glass-rings. Nothing is absorbed into the stone, so etching is not related to sealing. I feared it was permanently damaged, or at the minimum, would require professional repair. After just one application, the cloudy spot was nearly gone. My long-haired cat has many hairballs and vomits onto the marble floors.This polishing powder took care of it and now you’d never know those marks ever existed.

I complained to the home builder and he sent someone out from the place they purchase the granite from. It took considerable rubbing and buffing, but you can barely see it now. It’s not a product that can simply be wiped off, you have to be willing to rub and buff until the film/residue is gone. With very little effort this product restored the shine beautifully!

This may seem like nonsense, but it is how the process of restoring marble works.

Caring For Your Tile Installation Step 4 From Homedepot | Duration 2 Minutes 47 Seconds

Often etching on such surfaces is not repairable even with our professional-grade product. The product must be applied in repeated small applications until the shine is restored. If you sand just a little, all you will do is rough up the surface. But continue sanding, sanding, sanding and eventually, the wood will look and feel super smooth. The number of applications needed varies depending on the severity and size of the mark and, in some cases, on the particular marble color.

You taught me how to pinpoint the exact damage, etching, which led to me choosing the proper product to correct it. In the past, we hired a stone contractor to polish the marble to remove such rings/etchings/marks. Not for use on honed or other non -polished surfaces (it will make the surface shiny). Etching is actual physical damage that removes the polished (shiny) layer and eats into the stone. I made up the paste material and tried a small area by hand and then with a slow speed circular hand buffer. I will continue to use this over the next 2 weeks to finish the floor.

img specialty stone care product Marble Polishing ETCH REMOVER Specialty Stone Care Product

It actually worked-unlike so many products that claim they do but don’t. The acid in the vomit immediately ruins the shine and no amount of cleaner, lotion or cream has ever worked. I have many areas to do still, as well as the marble in the bathroom, especially around the toilet area. I tried a test on about 4″ x 4″ of the etched spot and your product worked great. In the right light you could see all the marks and it drove me crazy. I have a very dark granite so you can seriously see etching in light reflections and both spots cleaned up very well. It couldn’t really be considered a scratch either, more like the polish was scrapped off in a squiggly line. He worked on it for about an hour with a piece of wax and cotton cloth. What little is now visible just looks like a natural part of the stone. It looks like a complete mess now and will need professional repair. Note that you aren’t actually “removing” the spot but rather re-polishing it to make the dull spot shiny. They had etchings and rings all over them and was going to have to replace them. Great to hear that it worked on your man-made marble composite countertop.

If you stop in the middle, you’ll see exactly what you describe. Also, the etch mark is not being “removed” as a stain would be. Simply make repeated applications until the shine is restored. Some may repair an etch mark in only one or two applications.

We sincerely aim to help you solve your stone care issues and not just sell a product. I rarely provide reviews but wanted to share my experience with this miraculous product.

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