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More Like Home – Day 2 Leg Support

  • Listed: March 19, 2019 2:45 am


The trick would be making one shallow enough to blend in, if that’s what you want to do, you’d have to use 1″ thick boards or maybe even thinner plywood. For example, the tabletop is shown as 21″ by 60″, but if these are six 2x4s side by side that’s six times four which equals 24. If the top planks are cut at 60″ each, it seems to me that there would be no overhang at all. It’s still the least expensive, but you do have to inspect the boards before purchase and use them quickly once you get them home. Also, did he do without the 1/2″ overhang so it would connect to the main desk?

I simply put a 1/2″ thick shim between the two desks and ran a screw through to connect the two.

Then you would just need to increase the length of all your side boards by the same amount. I attached the top to the bottom using the kreg screws on underside that the desk developed a twist as to make the desk rock by about ¼” to ½” inch. Put the desk together in 2 hours, building my first ever piece of furniture. When he wants to work at home, he rolls his office chair up to the piano, props his feet on the bench and his computer on his knees, and gets down to business. Some of my other plans have drawers, you could check them out and just adjust the measurements to fit your needs.

Two Island Countertop Support Legs That Will Completely Change The Look Of Your Kitchen! | Duration 1 Minutes 38 Seconds

Highest on the list was decorating the patio and pool yard with beautiful, functional and, above all, sturdy furniture. Only difference between the two desk is one is missing a leg where my chair/feet would be in the corner which also does away with the cross-brace across the bottom. Without the pocket hole jig, no matter what you’re eventually going to need something longer than 4″ to connect these pieces. It will only reach 5/8-3/4″ into the support boards, but that should do it for this project since you’ll be reinforcing that hold with the top supports and tabletop boards. I have set weights on hoping it would level out but no luck yet and suggestion to how to correct the issue?

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Returns will only be authorized within 30 days of invoice date. Parts approved for return are subject to a 25% restocking charge. For the purpose of this warranty, the original purchaser shall be deemed to mean the individual or company for who the product was originally installed. Any service requested outside of a servicer’s normal working hours will be covered under this warranty at the normal rate and any additional overtime rate will be at the responsibility of the equipment purchaser. This extended warranty does not cover freight for the replacement compressor or freight for the return of the failed compressor.

Be careful not to pull too hard because the plastic molding the gasket is attached to can break. Using a 7/16″ open-end wrench, loosen both bottom hinge bolts until the door drops about _ inch. Remove the 5/16″ screw from the underside of the door, which is screwed into the square pin of the cartridge. The gasket is opposite your leg and the spring cartridge is in the upper corner from the floor. One person should apply a strip of masking tape from one side of the door, across the spacers and spring, up the other side to hold these parts in place while door is being installed. To get started, locate your equipment model number and serial number. It is the duty of the carrier to give you a written report upon notification. Returns will only be authorized within 90 days of invoice date. Equipment approved for return is subject to a 25% restocking charge. Normal wear type parts, such as light bulbs/lamps and gaskets are not covered by this warranty.

Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing, including labor, any part of such product, which proves thus defective. The labor warranty shall be for self-contained units only and for standard straight time, which is defined as normal service rate time, for service performed during normal working hours. Any installation that requires extra work, and/or travel, to gain access to the unit for service is the sole responsibility of the equipment purchaser.

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Failure to do so can cause compressor malfunction and will void warranty. The door gasket is removed by grasping it in one corner and pulling outward and down. To install the new gasket, start in one corner, pushing the arrow point extrusion into the slotted grove and work your way down to the bottom then across the bottom and then upward to the last corner. At this point, tighten on of the 7/16″ bolts to keep the hinge from being loose when the door is removed. To remove door, lift door up to the clear bottom hinge, then move bottom of the door away from hinge and slowly lower straight down, allowing the door to come completely off. Rest the door, frame side, against your leg with the handle at your feet. Using a 5/16″ open-end wrench, place on the square pin of the cartridge and turn counterclockwise until there is no tension against the wrench. Install both plastic washers, with the horseshoe washer in between, with the opening toward the gasket. Loosen the 7/16 bolt on the bottom hinge bracket and raise door to highest position and tighten both hinge bolts. Provide us with your company’s complete name, address, telephone and e-mail. What forms are required for submitting warranty claims?

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