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Need Advice Without A Backsplash

  • Listed: March 5, 2019 7:10 am


So our current plan is just to have the four inch piece of matching granite as a small backsplash line running along the countertops. Even droplets of water from cooking pasta can slowly discolor and stain your wall. Paint is not that difficult to clean, and it really isn’t that hard to repaint from time to time.

We just sold that house, and not one person mention the absence of a backsplash. One thing we did do was to place a plain piece of stainless behind the stove to protect against spaghetti sauce/grease etc.

We went with a neutral color that had some texture to it.

When we built our house, we did exactly that and it was a pain.

We love it and it is so much easier to clean, better looking and now matches the decor of the rest of the kitchen. When we sold our old house with an updated but still rather basic kitchen, the realtor did comment when we were doing the kitchen that a backsplash was one feature of a kitchen reno that typically was worth the cost to do. Is our kitchen going to look incomplete because we opted to skip the full wall backsplash?

Think abou the cream or travertine tile or a glass mosaic that is very neutral.

Removing Countertops | Duration 2 Minutes 31 Seconds

And you’ll realize that when the spaghetti sauce that you blurped on the wall doesn’t come off. One benefit is that paint colors are easy to change, tile is not.

We also have a fairly busy granite counter and a neutral paint on the walls. But just because someone doesn’t mention it doesn’t mean they didn’t notice it (for better or worse). Do you happen to know what type of material you used?

I think upgrades in a kitchen without the backsplash makes a kitchen look “builder grade” even when you’ve spent money on upgrades to other features.

The Best Way To Remove A Countertop’S Backsplash by homeguides.sfgate.com

All you need is a few hand tools and a few supplies to remove most backsplash materials. Slide the putty knife along the top edge and perimeter of the laminate to cut it loose from the glue. Inject a small amount of acetone into the crack to soften glue. Add more acetone if the laminate is stubborn and won’t come off.

upload wikimedia without a backsplash Need Advice Without a Backsplash

If there are no buttons, remove any existing screws the same way. Tap the point of a rounded pry bar between the wall and the backsplash. If the glue is dried hard, use a hand block with 100-grit sandpaper to sand it off. Tap the tip of a screwdriver under the tile with a hammer and pry the tile up slightly. Continue prying the tile away from the wall with the putty knife. If the tile is stubborn and won’t pry up, use the rotary tool to grind off some of the grout around it and continue. If it’s dried hard, use a hand block with 100-grit sandpaper to remove it. There are typically three types: laminate, hardwood and tile. If you’re replacing it for looks or because it was damaged, any one of the three types will come off without much effort. Tilt the laminate away from the wall as far as possible without breaking it. Wait 10 minutes and continue pulling the backsplash laminate away and off the wall. Pull the backsplash upward to free it from a small metal trim piece if needed. If there are no screws whatsoever, the backsplash is nailed on.

Scrape off any silicone glue or caulk from around the perimeter of the backsplash using a putty knife. Insert the blade of a putty knife under the tile and slide it left to right. Insert the tip of the screwdriver under the next tile and repeat prying it up and then using the putty knife to remove it.

How To Keep Your Existing Tile Backsplash by foxgranitecountertops.com

We have clients who would like to keep an existing tile backsplash for one of two reasons. Never a bad reason, save a little dough, because the countertops are going to cost some additional cash. Meaning, it’s basically a 50/50 chance of whether we can accomplish it or not.

You physically have to remove the current countertops without breaking the tile backsplash. Therefore, something breaks in the wrong spot, you’re pretty much screwed and you have to replace the whole thing. Let’s say we actually get past the first hurdle, we’re successful in pulling off the countertops without breaking any of the backsplash and we have a gap there that’s big enough to fit the new granite countertops or quartz countertops underneath. But, when you have a high bar and the tile meets it, sometimes there’s a bigger gap than we can do and we can’t bend the granite down lower to cover it, so you’re left with whatever’s there.

Remove Old Countertops Without Damage The Backsplash | Duration 4 Minutes 57 Seconds

You can potentially put a piece of tile trim there later.

We hope that it comes out great, and between all these obstacles – between not breaking it and controlling gaps – we would say 50% of the time, the customer is happy, and 50% of the time something just doesn’t fit perfect and they end up replacing it.

We will do everything in our power to make it work and give you the best possible chance to keep your existing tile backsplash. Buy sanded or non-sanded grout caulk – whichever your grout color is – and have at least three to four tubes there, so when we caulk that gap, we’re using your matching grout color, not clear or white caulk. Most people don’t additional tile left by the previous owner or the person who did the original tile work. When you pull it out, sometimes the gap is not big enough from the original countertop to the granite to where you can’t slide it underneath. It’s not going to be perfectly straight to fit it in and mediate that problem for you. The thing that is somewhat out of our control are the gaps, especially in the high bar where the granite comes into the first backsplash (which is the lower part of the gap). But the reality is, no matter what we do, we can’t control that gap.

We also recommend that you guys match the grout color.

Slab Granite Countertops: Premade Laminate Countertops Without Backsplash by slabgranitecountertops.blogspot.com

But best of all, they bring a premium look and feel to your kitchen without the premium price of solid-surface countertops. If you continue without changing your settings, you re agreeing to receive all. Find countertops in every material quartz, butcher block, granite countertops and much more. Com the average price to install galvanized or aluminum gutters is approximately.

Our wide range of cutting boards, cabinets, backsplashes and wall tiles, kitchen sinks.

We have everything from laminate to solid wood with accessories to match. No kitchen makeover is complete without fresh, new countertops. Browse our selection of quartz, granite, stainless steel, laminate countertops and more.Of enhancements, including backsplashes, integrated sinks, cutting board inserts and beveled edges.

How To Repair The Wall That Was Behind The Backsplash by merrypad.com

And there’s nothing quite like the imminent stress of a major house repair timed so closely to a substantial, professional production. In any case, let’s go back a few weeks and remind you that we knew that removing the old countertop with its backsplash and then choosing voluntarily to install a new countertop without a backsplash meant that we’d be dealing with a damaged wall situation, and the problem was apparent right away.

We like tile, but could we pick/buy/install it quick enough without doing something regrettable?

And could we find tiles and grout that perfectly matched our countertop?

How To Safely Remove Granite Backsplash | Duration 3 Minutes 27 Seconds

If you want a tip, hold a running shop vac in your other hand as you go to minimize sanding dust. Whether or not you can tell that a thorough wall sanding had happened by this picture is a moot point, but it felt quite different to the touch. I believe there to have been two coats of compound over the course of this repair, which, all things considered, wasn’t bad. That’s no backsplash in this next photo, that’s the damaged wall that was hidden behind the old laminate backsplash. In the few weeks since we’ve had the countertop replaced, we’ve wavered quietly about what we should actually do to repair the section of the wall that was once covered by functional backsplash. Was the variance in the painted wall and the original drywall so much that we’d never be able to make it look perfect?

Pete used our palm sander to smooth out the painted wall paint ledge so that it no longer felt like a hardened ridge, and making it as smooth and undetectable as humanly possible. Also, clear everything off your shelves before you get started, this project was messy, to say the least. In between coats, we did a light hand sanding with the most inexpensive sanding block ever, and some fine grade sandpaper. Just be careful not to gouge the soft acrylic countertops, if that’s what you’re working against too. It was lookin’ so good that we actually decided to leave it as minimal as possible for as long as we could take it.

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