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Machines And Carts Sam’s Club Popcorn Popper

  • Listed: March 5, 2019 7:33 am


For some, it might bring back good memories and a welcome feeling of nostalgia. And of course, let’s not forget the perfect combination of movies and popcorn!

If you have a business such a convenience store, or any type of business with a waiting room, such as a car repair shop, consider one of the commercial popcorn makers that sits on a countertop. And before you decide, consider the volume of popcorn you’d like to make. Club has popcorn kits that include the popcorn, oil and salt in one package.For the full concession experience, hand out freshly popped popcorn in special cones, bags or tubs.

Last but not least, you’ll want a high-quality popcorn scoop as well as the proper supplies to clean and maintain your new commercial popcorn maker. For others, it’s all about popcorn’s irresistible flavor and texture. However, if you’d like the option of making popcorn at parties or different events, a popcorn cart or popcorn machine on wheels might be more practical. Or, you can opt for special seasonings to create treats like cheddar cheese or caramel popcorn.

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This stand-alone popcorn popper uses hot air to pop kernels, allowing users to add their own seasonings after the popcorn is done. Owners say it pops nearly every kernel, and with its transparent lid that doubles as a popcorn bowl, you can watch this popcorn maker in action and have less cleanup when you’re done. Crank the aluminum popper’s handle to reap a 24-cup popcorn bounty in just three minutes. Hot air poppers don’t use any oil at all, and produce a light, airy, and somewhat healthier popcorn — though most also have options to add butter or other flavorings. These throwback poppers require hand cranking to keep kernels from sticking, but also can produce a lot of popcorn in a relatively short time. This type of popcorn maker is typically a plastic bowl with a vented lid that pops corn in your microwave within a few minutes. A plus for some is that when you are not using it for making popcorn, the bowls can be used for other purposes. The best poppers are also efficient and pop every kernel, without scorching, in just a few minutes. That said, it’s best to start with soft, room-temperature butter, because this popcorn popper works so quickly that cold butter often doesn’t have enough time to melt. For instance, some owners suggest using particular brands of kernels or spraying olive oil or butter on the kernels with an olive oil sprayer for added flavor. A few owners offer suggestions for overcoming this challenge, such as putting the finished popcorn in a bag with seasonings and shaking it up.

Many owners say they’ve owned this popcorn popper for years and it’s held up with relatively consistent use – some for 10 years or more. Cleanup is simple; both the base and the plastic top can be wiped clean after use, and the plastic cover can also be removed and washed with soap and water. Users say this popcorn popper, which makes about six quarts of popcorn in about five minutes, makes great-tasting popcorn no matter what brand of popcorn kernels is used. Users say the popcorn needs to be monitored, which is easy to do since the popper has a transparent lid. As soon as all of the kernels have popped, the unit needs to be unplugged so that it doesn’t scorch your snack. Because of that, to retain the lid’s shape, it needs to cool off on top of the base. Neither popper has an on/off button — a minor inconvenience for most. Reviewers say you need to keep an eye on this popcorn popper during use, as some popcorn can get stuck in the popping chamber and burn. Owners also say that the popper is handy for large families with children who can’t wait to dive into a big tub of popcorn. The popper also makes it easy to try recipes beyond the traditional movie-style popcorn, such as white chocolate almond popcorn. Owners say it can make flavorful popcorn with as little as a teaspoon of oil. But before you begin experimenting with gourmet popcorn recipes, keep in mind that a gooey recipe will require a more thorough hand-washing after the fact. If not, dig out its 25-year warranty, which covers the moving parts (gears) as well as the pan itself.

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The machine, which is simple to use and easy to clean, attracts health-conscious owners, who are ecstatic about being able to make popcorn without oil. The built-in butter well makes getting great buttered popcorn easy, too. Because it works on the stovetop, you can create gourmet popcorn treats using flavorings like caramel that can’t be used in other popcorn poppers. It also doubles as a serving bowl, meaning there’s only one dish to clean, and you can add flavorings right to the bowl before cooking. This buttery, salty treat has long been a movie theater and sports-stadium favorite, but you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to enjoy freshly popped corn. Traditional popcorn poppers require a touch of oil to do their work, but produce a popcorn that’s every bit as flavorful as what you will find at your favorite movie theater. They are also ideal for those that want to experiment with different types of gourmet popcorn recipes, such as adding chocolate or other gooey ingredients. In addition, popcorn poppers shouldn’t require much assembly and must be easy to clean. While the machine pops nearly all kernels and never burns them, some piping hot ones often fly out in unsuspecting directions at start-up and at the end of the popping cycle, so you’ll need a large bowl to capture all of the popcorn. Reviewers do warn against adding popcorn kernels above the fill line, which can result in an overheating, smoking popcorn popper. The lid contains an indented section with small holes that can be used to distribute melted butter onto the popcorn, and the lid doubles as a large popcorn bowl – but only when used with the cap to prevent any flavorings from leaking out of the holes.

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If that’s a concern, some owner reviews include a fix that may get rid of the issue. But nostalgia isn’t the only reason that owners flock to this popper. The old-fashioned hand crank is patented and actually serves a purpose: keeping the kernels from sticking and burning for perfectly cooked popcorn. Experts say medium heat is all you need for quickly and evenly popping a batch of fresh, crisp popcorn. It’s not dishwasher-safe, and some owners say cleaning out the parts of the lid can be difficult. It’s made of aluminum, disappointing users who have health concerns about cooking with this metal. In addition, it has plastic gears, which perturbs users when the pieces pop off. Still, its fans say that if handled with care, the original popper will last you years.

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In just minutes family and friends can enjoy the taste of freshly popped popcorn!

Using the “shake and pop” method you are minutes away from mouth-watering popcorn over your campfire fireplace or backyard or camping grill.

You will not find a comparable unit on the internet. The oven features 3 different heat settings and a 360° rotating cooking surface and includes a 12 in. Popping up to 10 cups of light fluffy popcorn in just minutes without any added salts oils or butter.

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In just minutes, family and friends can enjoy the fresh taste of crunchy, delicious popcorn!

And because the machine uses hot air instead of oil, the resulting snack is healthier and lower in calories. Each kernel is popped evenly and quickly providing the prepared snacks.

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Not only does a countertop popcorn popper make bulk amounts of freshly popped corn at once, but it also effectively merchandises your salty treats.

You can also find cleaning solutions to sanitize your unit at the end of the day. Simply add popping oil and kernels to your popper, and you’re ready to start making delicious popcorn for your customers. For more great supplies to make popcorn, be sure to check out our popcorn salts, popcorn bags, and scoops. These units come with colorful decals that can lead to increased impulse sales.

We carry popcorn poppers of various sizes and capacities, so you can easily find an option that will meet your production needs.

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