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Repurposed Reclaimed Nontraditional. – Idea For Kitchen Island

  • Listed: March 5, 2019 7:10 am


The commenters predicted doom and armageddon and ranted about how the shelving would soon be coated in a thick layer of grease, dog hair, and unimaginable filth. All those traditional kitcheny type people have to do is sit at their computer and critique others who have talent and an imagination!

When it’s time to sell you can remove your open shelving and replace them with boxes and no one will know. Been in our house for 4 years 3 months, and still living out of boxes (not of the kitchen cabinet variety)!

Why would anyone want to eat in the same room their food is cooked and their dishes are washed is beyond me.When many kitchen remodels are completed, the kitchen ends up looking the same as it did before the remodel – no character, and nothing distinguishing about it.

With a little creativity and hard work, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a beautiful home. Even then, the best advice would be to put in bland boxes no one could hate. The men who flipped out house left the original cabinets from the 1970s, applied some sort of antiquing finish, left the insides dysfunctional and dirty, and added three grand worth of granite countertop. I have particular ideas about how a kitchen should function, more like a restaurant kitchen than a residential kitchen. Do what suits you, let creativity reign, otherwise what makes life good is drained out and replaced by identical mediocrity.

Kitchen Island Countertop Decorating Ideas | Duration 2 Minutes 27 Seconds

And that you may be burned at the stake for violating the box code. By the time you’re ready to sell, you will have emotionally removed yourself from attachment to the details of your home; your attention will be on the new home. I know i will never look at another magazine kitchen again without thinking differently!

We bought it because it was a fixer upper that we could afford…grand plans galore…have succeeded in blowing out the laundry room wall and partially dry walling it!

According to our builder it is kitchen, dinette, and family room. Of course, with our large family we require a lot of room and having big tables in that space allows for any size group we get with extra friends and family. I stained the dressers the same deep red to tie them together and left the scarred oak doors as they were for the countertops. Victoria, can’t wait for more on this kitchen of yours!

I ripped it all out and my only mistake was keeping the damn granite. Every house we looked at, no matter whether it had been flipped or not, did not have a kitchen that suited me. If one day you decide to sell, you will either love the laments of your kitchen so much that you will rip them out and take them with you, or you will leave them for the next person to love or hate.

3 bp blogspot idea for kitchen island Repurposed Reclaimed Nontraditional. – Idea for Kitchen Island

I need to sand the butcher block piece and figure out how to attach it without messing up the top. Just use screws on the supports that only go half way into the butcher block. Several years later the trend caught up with small towns (and small but vocal minds and mouths). Would love to see pictures of people’s kitchens that used furniture instead of cabinetry (beyond just the island). I have been lobbying for years for an “unfitted kitchen” — to no avail. Hasn’t that idea been around for almost a decade now and it’s still causing an uproar?

And they sort of hang over you, feeling all menacing and scary with their boring-ness.

Amazon: Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker DM3000: Electric Countertop Blenders: Kitchen and by amazon.com

Three independent blending stations for the ultimate in frozen drink making. Tahiti offers the ultimate in frozen drink making for your biggest bash, blending a variety of restaurant-quality frozen drinks at the press of a button. Melting ice is channeled into a rear reservoir to avoid watered-down drinks. So when we were looking for a present, we thought this would be the perfect gift. On the good side, the blender lid now has a flip-up spout so that you don’t need to take the lid off to pour a glass of deliciousness.

You’ll start a batch, it will shave the ice perfectly, and maybe you want your margarita a little thicker. So, open the ice reservoir, and poke and prod the ice at the bottom, all the while ignoring the “sharp blade” warning. He’s also made snow cones, which the grand kids love!

Your guests will be mesmerized as they watch the motorized ice chute rotating from one pitcher to the next creating one delicious drink after another. The ‘shave only’ and ‘blend only’ settings allow you to thicken or thin your drinks to your personal preference. The shaved ice is the key to restaurant-quality drink consistency – no more ice chunks or watered down drinks. A large capacity ice reservoir holds enough ice to make up to 144 ounces of frozen drinks and heavy-duty die cast components keep the party going. All the blending jar components are dishwasher safe, and the rest of the unit quickly wipes clean. I might be looking for some new lids for the two blender jars we have. Those half-moon shaped pieces of ice from an icemaker are particularly problematic. Now today it spills water from the inside and not into the water container on the back.

Simple Kitchen Island Countertop Ideas | Duration 2 Minutes 27 Seconds

He’s entertained at home with it, and has also packed it up and taken it with him to the party.

14 Kitchen Island Designs That Fit Singapore Homes by lookboxliving.com.sg

Not only does it look impressive, it’s also a very functional layout whether you’re an aspiring home chef or an occasional cook. This house in particular, has an exceptionally large dry kitchen. Because the kitchen, living room and dining room now share a single space, this island counter actually defines the boundaries of the kitchen. As such, appliances like the oven and microwave need to be placed in the adjoining dining room.

Small Kitchen Island Ideas For Every Space and Budget by freshome.com

Even the smallest kitchen island has the potential to offer many uses. If you find a good kitchen counter that is missing an overhang or open side, you can always add a larger, new top to your find. Take newspaper or painter’s tape and plan a floor outline of where you’d like your island to sit with proper clearance. If you find that your kitchen doesn’t have the space for a permanent island, choose an island that can be rolled, tucked away or moved to another area as needed. There are a variety of small kitchen island ideas that may work better in your small space than a permanent cabinet piece. For the most use, select one that has a towel bar for hooks and textiles and open shelving below. Look for ones that have plenty of shelving, drawers or other storage options. If adding an island is not possible, take inspiration from the drop leaf island and add a drop leaf at the end of a kitchen cabinet or kitchen wall. If you have a larger kitchen and more space to work with, be sure to check out these 60 beautiful kitchen island ideas. No matter how small your space is, get inspiration from our small kitchen island ideas and tips to add more function to your kitchen. Make sure the new top is large enough to allow at least a 6” ledge on one side and that the new top is durable enough to withstand kitchen use. While the standard aisle width guideline of 36” allows two people to pass, you could have a clearance as small as 32” if the spot is not high traffic.

You don’t have to specifically go out and purchase or custom make a kitchen island. They’re lightweight yet sturdy, durable in stainless steel, come in a variety of sizes as narrow as 16” and are fairly inexpensive. Locking wheels are helpful if you plan on moving your island often, although restaurant grade work tables are often lightweight enough to move without needing wheels. The surface is ready for kitchen use and you can usually add a couple of stools to create a snack counter. The one in the image above was once a clothing store display cabinet. Pop it up when needed and drop down for ease of movement in a small kitchen.

Kitchen Island Countertops | Duration 3 Minutes 17 Seconds

The extra counter space could serve as an eating nook or extra prep area that can be stored when not in use. Choose high density polyurethane wheels that have a locking mechanism that keeps the island from moving.

How To Build A Kitchen Island Easy DIY Kitchen Island by classyclutter.net

I used the 1/2″ melamine board as a countertop until our countertops got installed and it worked fine. It’s beautiful in your white kitchen, just an awesome pop of color. A successful combination of blue and white colors looks amazing. If you had it professionally installed – how much did it cost?

The installers used steel supports to support the weight of the quartz on the bar side. Also what did the measurements of the island come out to?

We did 40″ between the cabinets so its wider than minimum requirement. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the progress on my home renovation!

After you brought the cabinets into the home did you drill the cambers straight infinite floor so they would be secure ?

I don’t have to screw to the subfloor due to existing flooring.

12 Inspiring Kitchen Island Ideas — The Family Handyman by familyhandyman.com

And you can even install a sink to create a space that allows you to mingle when doing dishes. But another way to solve the problem is to extend the width of the island to allow for ample seating with a narrow footprint. And with ample storage space beneath the island, you can implement some of these genius ideas for clearing away kitchen clutter. Providing extra prep-space, a movable island can be easily rolled away when not needed. Not only does this make great use of space, but you can also use the back side of the island to install these kitchen cabinet rollouts for more smart storage. And clever storage like this makes your kitchen function better, and increases the value of your home. This can make a multitude of meal preparation tasks a breeze. For inspiration, we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite kitchen islands for you to check out. And you can even build a bookcase, or use this hack to create a unique storage solution. And as there is virtually no construction involved, it is one of many ways to give your kitchen a quick facelift. And if you think that’s great, check out all of these small kitchen space-saving tips. A taller island section can also offer bar-height seating for guests. And while you’re at it, try any one of these clever kitchen cabinet storage ideas.

Design Trend: Blue Kitchen Cabinets and 30 Ideas To Get You Started by sebringdesignbuild.com

When used inside the house, blue creates the same feelings of tranquility, space and luxury. Why not try this cool shade during your kitchen remodel with blue kitchen cabinets?

On the lighter end of the scale, light blue kitchen cabinets have a more airy coolness to them. So how do you go about choosing the right shade for your kitchen?

20 Small Kitchen Island Ideas | Duration 3 Minutes 38 Seconds

They tend to promote the effect of light and space in a kitchen. These light blues are especially great for small kitchens, as they tend to intensify the perception of space. Push the boundary even further by paring them up with other outrageous colors. Most paint companies provide paint swatches that you can test at your home. Once you have picked your shade of choice, the next step is mixing and matching it with other colors and accessories. How the blue complements the color of other surfaces and accessories determines the final overall look and feel of the kitchen. Light grey often works best, because it contrasts the blue without overshadowing its position as the central focus of the kitchen. For instance, you can have a deep blue cabinet with marble white countertops. The combination options are endless; baby blue and white, navy blue and wood-brown and so on. The picture roundup includes everything from blue grey kitchen cabinets to all-blue kitchen cabinets. Too much of it and your kitchen takes on an almost depressing feeling. Another good way preventing an overdone kitchen is using other colors. Look for colors such as yellow, brown and white that give the eye a break from the blue. Take a look through the various blue kitchen cabinets ideas below and use them to create your own unique style. Love the pendant lights and the “splash” of contemporary over the stove. Love the three-drawer cabinet with the thick butcher block top. Like gazing at the deep expanse of the sky on a perfect summer day or taking in the sight of a deep blue ocean, a blue-centered kitchen provides a bust of freshness after a long day. They work for all kinds of home styles from classical to baroque to contemporary and futuristic. Use the above ideas as a starting point and feel free to be as creative and unique as possible. I just added a built in bench and shelving unit for my mudroom using all of your tutorials modified to fit my space. The color blue triggers feelings of relaxation, peace, quiet, grandness and expansiveness. It is also a well-known stress reducer, helping to slow down your heartbeat and lower blood pressure. One other interesting characteristic of blue scientists have uncovered is that it suppresses appetite. On the darker end of the scale, navy blue kitchen cabinets bring to your kitchen a twist of dark luxury. If you want a somber cool-dark feel to your kitchen, you could go for navy blue or royal blue (traditional). If the look you want is light, playful, fun and airy, the middle and lighter shades of blue are better.For large kitchens where you need to create a feeling of coziness, the middle and darker shades of blue are best. These colors are so far from the middle true blue that they create a kitchen that immediately stands out. The most important thing when picking a shade for your kitchen cabinets is to test a number of shades. See how the color appears in different lighting conditions and next to other colors in your kitchen. The two colors contrast perfectly, reinforcing the freshness and relaxing nature of blue. For more stark contrasts, try navy blue cabinets with brighter colors such as white, cream or yellow. Another idea is blue cabinets with bright yellow knobs or blue cabinets against a white wall. Look through some of the creative mix and matches below to get ideas of your own. Whichever combination you choose, the most important thing is to make sure the two colors complement each other well and result in the right style for your kitchen. While it has many advantages (cool, relaxing, spacey and so on), the downsides of blue could manifest if overdone. Can you imagine a kitchen with all cabinets, including floor and wall cabinets, in the same blue shade?

If you must fill up your kitchen with blue, then at least give different cabinets varying shades of blue to create gentle contrasts.

Kitchen Island Ideas | Duration 1 Minutes 34 Seconds

We have discussed this in the mix and match section. Something as small as a flower vase can make a big difference. The light blue island is such a nice addition of color, so comfortable and welcoming. Leans more teal than true blue, but thought it was interesting how there were three colors of cabinets in this traditional kitchen. I think it would actually be a pleasure to cook and bake in this cute farmhouse kitchen!

For many people, the kitchen is a sanctuary; the perfect place to rid your mind of all the day’s stresses. Blue kitchen cabinets are especially perfect for homeowners in hot climates, as they help balance the stuffy heat with their coolness. A light blue looks perfect in a ranch-style home just as a dark blue does in an urban apartment kitchen. Whatever you need, be it some words of advice or a hand in your remodeling project, we are always here to help. The blue is so light that it adds a softness to the space and it looks elegant and classy rather than gaudy.

Granite Kitchen Island With Seating by foter.com

Check the granite kitchen islands with a seating below and get inspired. This granite kitchen island with seats and two-tone kitchen cabinets are an impressive suggestion for any kitchen zone. Kitchen island, which with lightness forms on one side – the seat – is a fantastic solution. To add somthing to this modern interior, you can choose wood dining set. The impressive bar stools will allow you to complete the décor. This granite kitchen island with seating will be a great breakfast spot for the whole family. In simple terms, a granite kitchen island with seating is an additional workspace that’s right in the very heart of one of your favorite places on the planet, your kitchen. Whichever you choose to purchase, make sure you only buy your new kitchen island with seating from a reputable supplier. If you force it to fit in your kitchen, you’ll find yourself always bumping into it.For small kitchens, you’d be better off with increasing your storage options instead of getting an island. But, if you choose models that are equipped with the best features, then look for one that has cabinetry and sinks. If storage, seating, and a working space are all that you are after, standard units are what you’re looking for. If you have a kitchen that’s too spacious and you’ll be having friends over, you’d also love standard units as they give you a place to prepare food as well as an area that you can be considered as a breakfast bar. Well, we’re going to say that this can be so but it’s not a necessity. The whole, based on wood, blends beautifully with the traditional style of furniture and bar stools. Light coloring pallette with warm wood panels on floor, crisp white cabinetry, diagonal sand beige tile backsplash and simple counter stools give this kitchen a cozy and inviting look with no unnecessary extravagance.Base is made of wood and equipped with cabinet for storing needed items. This large item includes a solid and neutral-colored granite top. Go for a classic honed black granite rather than a polished granite. In modern interiors, it is worth to put on granite countertops made of polished stone, as in the case of this combination with white kitchen cabinets and a granite kitchen island with seating. Adding a soft, bright touch to the space, it will enlighten any room. Featuring various drawers and doors, it will create a good storage spot for your cutlery and dishes. Carrara backsplash, symmetrical cabinetry, archway in to dining room, ceiling detail. I love a big island but like a raised element to help disguise some of the clutter that is going on in the kitchen counters on the other side of the counter. The base of it is full of drawers and cupboards, perfect for kitchen equipment and accessories. This granite kitchen island provides a solid top with a sink and it includes a durable wooden frame in dark brown color. The fantastic kitchen idea with the exclusive island playing table’s role. Two-coloured cabinets and kitchen island correspond well to the farmhouse or country decor. It’s a focal place of the room people gravitate to for morning breakfasts and afternoon coffee accompanied by a friendly conversation. The kitchen island comes with open shelves and beautifully-turned legs. The large granite kitchen island top with built-in sink is the perfect way to create a glamorous kitchen. The whole is perfectly matched with bronze furniture and stainless steel elements. Its large surface accommodates smoothly 4 stools, corresponding perfectly well to the surrounding woods and panels. This incredible addition will give you extra counter space, making it even more tempting!

What sets granite kitchen islands with seating apart from regular kitchen islands is the fact that they come complete with seating, storage, sinks, and appliances!

But first, let’s discuss all the things you need to be aware of when buying granite kitchen islands with seating.

idea for kitchen island Repurposed Reclaimed Nontraditional. – Idea for Kitchen Island

However, a kitchen that’s too narrow or small wouldn’t be the best place to accommodate an island. If you think you have enough space for a granite kitchen island with seating, which we’re sure you do, then you won’t have anything to worry about!

They are high tables with seating that will make it easy for you to do your preparations. If you want one that’s the most advanced, pick a granite kitchen island with seating that has been added with an under-counter microwave and dishwasher. They come with open and closed storage spaces for more versatility. Made of white-finished wood, the whole set features a rectangle marble top with built-in sink and faucet. The beautiful granite bright top and dark wooden base of the kitchen island with chairs makes the kitchen functional and exceptionally beautiful. It also includes a practical sink and comfortable bar stools with backs. White galley style kitchen with elaborate custom white stove head. Features a white granite top, hardwood column legs, and cherry-finished open shelves. Finished with granite top, this kitchen island creates a cosy, warm atmosphere around the space. The kitchen set features plenty of cabinets in the spirit of the old world.

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