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Requirements For Overhangs Overhang

  • Listed: March 14, 2019 5:19 am


Now when we’re on an island or a peninsula where we’re all level and there’s a ton of counter top going this way for support, then we can for sure go from 8 even to 12. Now if someone really, really wanted to make this a permanent table for whatever reason, they wanted to go 16 or 19 or 22 inches of overhang, they have to do one of two things. Then, they would have to connect it from point to point and then connect them all together like a table so they don’t wobble, which is a lot of money for carpentry.

We just want to lay the groundwork of what’s immediate, what takes extra work and what takes extra money, so when you guys communicate with us, we can be properly prepared and ready to start work. We’re going to cut the rock, the granite, or the quartz straight.And that’s our baseline, whether it’s over there in front of a pool and you don’t want more than a inch and a half because you want access your actual drawer or whether it’s over here where someone doesn’t want bar seats because it intrudes into the walkway or into the space.

Now when we want bar seats, we want to eat there, we got to kick it up from inch and a half to at least eight inches.

You have to separate islands and peninsulas where there’s a lot of counter top surface area being weighted to the left or to the right of the overhang that makes it stable to be able to go to that amount.

You got to buy the materials and have it done before we can start templating. Anything past 12 inches is excessive overhang and needs the next level of support for proper safety.

Countertop Overhang? by diychatroom.com

I was thinking either granite or solid-surface, does it matter?

This is assuming that the lowers it will sit on are the standard 24″. Also, take into consideration the width of the island or cabinetry you are placing the granite upon. Dado out the sub top and place it over the steel with some adhesive on the top of the steel. This is a given that you are using 3/4″ stone with a built up edge that hides the sub top. The house was built in the early 80’s and had an awful shell shaped sink that was all one piece with the countertop. This also assumes you are using 3cm (1-1/4″) granite and not the cheap stuff. The maximum overhang that granite countertops can extend beyond the cabinetry or supporting structure is 8-12”. The guys with the slide rules have figured out that anything over 11″ challenges the tensile strength of the stone. Bolt them to the cabinets and counter sink the machine head bolts into the steel. The dado needs to be slightly over depth to accommodate the goo.

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