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Stainless Steel And Microwaves Vs Over The Range Microwave

  • Listed: April 3, 2019 12:48 am


Why make eating an ordeal when it should be delicious?

Whether you’re in the market for something simple, or you want that popcorn button, we’ll have you cooking in no time.

Can You Use Over The Range Microwave On Counter? by ecmapping.com

If you are looking out for the best countertop microwave oven then what is better than purchasing an over the range microwave?

Now the questions arise where to place this oven or can you use over the range microwave on counter?

Moreover, a microwave also has a fan that ventilates in the outer surface.

Get the installation template from your microwave kit – a template comes with the microwave to make it easy for the user to install the microwave in the most appropriate location so that the oven would ventilate properly. Do not forget to examine whether the template is square or not?

You can either ascertain the stud in the wall using the electronic finder or can opt for tapping the wall with a hammer. In most of the cases, the studs are sited at a distance of no less than 15 inches on the wall. Once you have marked and drilled the studs, the next step is to fit the microwave oven on the same.However, if your model doesn’t consist a wall plate then position the over the range microwave underneath the cabinet. For that, you are required to drill holes beneath the cabinet and set the cord in the same. Feed the bolts – fasten you’re over the range microwave on the counter by positioning the screws in the drilled holes at the bottom of the cabinet. Test the microwave – at this time, the over the range microwave is settled on your countertop and its ready to prepare the hot meals. Though the installation requires a few types of equipment to fit the oven, it is inexpensive. In such cases, check the microwave kit to get the additional fittings that are used to fit the oven and make it ventilate properly.

You might also observe a mounting bracket along with the template. Find a stud – to position the over the range microwave oven, you need to find minimum one stud in the wall to attach the mounting hardware. If you observe a ‘thunk’ sound, then it is the stud and right place to attach the oven. So take a measuring tape and compute the distance to 15 inches to get the next stud. Fit the microwave onto the wall plate – make sure to take the assistance of a supporter to hold the microwave and place it on the wall plate.

Drill holes beneath the cabinet – the next step is to plug in the cord on the top of the appliance. Do not switch on the power unless you have finished the setup. Usually, the fans and the ventilation varies as per diverse models and the manufacturers; you can easily place the fan changing the direction of the same towards ventilation.

Types Of Microwaves by hunker.com

However, the key to getting the most out of your microwave is making sure you have the one that is right for you. For anyone’s basic microwave needs, a solo microwave oven will work, but it doesn’t have special features. If you rely on your microwave for more than just simple reheating, a convection option is likely better for you. This choice is particularly well-suited to those with a smaller kitchen. As the name suggests, they can perform the tasks of both a simple microwave and a grill. They can also be a good choice for kitchens with a lot of counter space. Because they’re newer, though, they can be harder to find and have installed. There are many types of microwaves, each with their own pros and cons. It is great for uniform reheating, cooking and defrosting but cannot grill or bake.

You can also only use microwave-safe glass or plastic in a solo microwave. Convection microwaves can also grill, bake, roast, brown and crisp foods.

You can also use metal in a convection microwave oven on every setting except microwave. A grill microwave is a great choice for those who want their microwave to perform more than just reheating but don’t have a need to baking, roasting or crisping features. They tend to look neater and prevent countertops from looking as crowded. When not writing, she enjoys pubs, knitting, nature and mysteries.

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