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Stovetopper Glass Stove

  • Listed: April 3, 2019 12:48 am


The cover we purchased is absolutely gorgeous, sturdy and comes with little rubber feet to keep the top from scratching the stove or surrounding granite. Between the dust blowing in and the hair blowing around, our black stovetop always looked disgusting.

We remodeled our kitchen and in doing so opened up a wall which left the stove top exposed, ugly and dangerous. It not only looks great but it does exactly what we hoped it would do: keep our stovetop clean.

3 Ways To Install A Cooktop by wikihow.com

The good news is that none of the individual steps of installing a cooktop are particularly difficult.

Disconnect the wiring, remembering how the old cooktop is wired, and lift the cooktop out of the opening.

You can use a circuit tester to double check by touching one lead on the circuit tester to any wire that is not green or white and the other lead to a white or green (ground) wire. Make sure you remember how the old wiring was connected because the new wiring will connect in the same way. Get someone to help you lift the cooktop out of its location because they can be quite heavy. Ideally you should have at least 30 inches (76 cm) of clearance above the cooktop and 1-2 feet (30-60 cm) of clearance on the sides.Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific requirements for your cooktop. If there is no junction box then you should hire a professional to install one for you. If you have removed a previously installed cooktop then there should already be a hole so you must check the dimensions of the new cooktop to see if it will fit. If there is no hole currently or if the hole is too small then you will need to cut a hole or make it larger.

You may need to remove tile around the area before cutting through the counter with a saw. Alternatively hire a professional for this job because granite can be difficult to cut cleanly.

You should also remove any packaging that may be around the cooktop. If you have a granite counter then you should secure the spring clips using double-sided adhesive tape rather than screws. Lower the new cooktop into the opening, making sure to draw the wires through the opening first. If you had to remove tile then you will have to reinstall the tiles to lay flush with the edges of the cooktop before laying it into place. Connect the wires of the cooktop to their corresponding wire in the power supply.

Connect the red and black wires on the cooktop to the red and black wires in the power supply box. The white wire on the cooktop will connect to the white wire in the power supply. Connect the green wire on the cooktop to the green wire in the power supply. Line up the wires next to each other and then twist the wires around each other. The wire nut protects them from touching other bare wires, preventing potential fires. Flip the breaker back on and turn on the cooktop to check that everything is working well. A gas cooktop will require a gas line to bring fuel to the burners. If you do not have a gas line then you should hire a professional to install one for you.

You will also need to remove any items from the cabinets to access the gas line and hose. Turn this valve so that it is perpendicular to the hose, or so that it sticks out to the side. When the gas line is open the handle on the valve will be pointing in the direction of gas flow.

You must unplug this power cable from the outlet before proceeding. Even though you have switched off the gas valve, there may still be gas trapped in the hose.

Turn on your range hood while you have the burners on to disperse all the gas that is released. Take one wrench and set it on the nut of the flexible gas hose and take the other wrench and set it on the nut on the wall hose. Turn the wrench attached to the flexible gas hose counterclockwise to unscrew. Some wall pipes will have a special fitting that goes between the wall gas pipe and the flexible hose pipe. Unscrew the brackets from the underside of the existing cooktop. Remove the cooktop from the counter and place it somewhere safe. Place it upside down when you are setting it aside to keep it from being damaged. If you will be reusing the hose for your new cooktop then you should unscrew it from the old cooktop. Turn the wrench attached to the flexible hose counterclockwise to unscrew. Apply pipe sealant to the threads where the hose attaches on the cooktop. Some cooktops come with a regulator to make sure the gas pressure remains constant. Make sure you apply sealant to the threads before screwing the regulator and hose into place.

You should also put the hose through the opening before sliding the cooktop into place. Apply sealant to the threads on the fitting on the wall pipe. Stir the mix well and then either spray on all the connections or use a paintbrush to apply to all the connections. Unscrew the connections, apply more sealant, and then reconnect. It may take a few seconds for the gas to come through and light because you first need to push out the air in the hose. If it doesn’t light after 4 seconds, turn off the burner and wait a few minutes before trying again. Now that the cooktop is definitely working, reattach any brackets to connect the cooktop to the counter. Reattach any cabinets or drawers that you previously removed and replace all the items inside the cabinets. Cooktops can be useful because you put them in an island or peninsula. Cooktops also allow two people to work with separate appliances at the same time. If you have want to install your cooktop over an island and do not wish to have an exhaust hood then you can choose one that comes with downdraft ventilation. Some cooktops come with telescoping vents that rise above the cooktop while cooking and then can be pushed below the surface between meals. Traditionally gas cooktops were chosen because they provide an immediate response once lit and they can be seen for adjustments.

You can also compare the prices of gas and electricity that will be used for your cooktop. In most cases of typical family cooking a four burner unit would be sufficient. Decide on how many burners you will need for your particular uses. If you are replacing an old cooktop, check to see that the new cooktop will fit in the place of the old cooktop.

You should also consider the costs of installing wiring (for electric stoves) or gas lines (for gas stoves) if there is no wiring or gas lines to begin with.After all, you’re dealing with either electricity or gas while simultaneously handling an expensive appliance. If you are replacing an old cooktop then you will first have to remove it.

You must be absolutely certain that the power is turned off to your cooktop.

You can even label wires and take a picture of the wiring before removal to help you remember.

You must also check that there is enough space below the cooktop for your desired model. If you are replacing a cooktop then you probably will already have this installed.

You must also check that the old cooktop has the same amperage as the new cooktop or else the wiring may need to be performed by a professional. The hole needs to be the size of the cooktop minus the ½ to 1 inch for the lip. If the hole is too big then you can screw shims (long flat metal pieces) into the sides around the opening.

You will need a wet saw to cut through a granite countertop.

You should also seal the stone before placing the cooktop into its location. Your cooktop may have removable burners, screens or other parts that can be set aside for now.

You should hang them from the upper edge of the cutout and then secure them with screws.

You may need to wait for 24 hours for the tiles to set before putting the cooktop into place. The power must still be off when you do this to prevent injury and shocks. The red and black wires (can also be other colors) are the hot wires which carry electricity to the appliance. The white wire is the neutral wire, which completes the circuit. The green wire is the ground wire, which grounds the circuit. Connect all wires together using a wire nut, which is like a little cap.If you are replacing an existing gas cooktop then you should already have a gas line installed. It is particularly important for a gas line to be installed properly because leaks can cause fires and be dangerous for people breathing in the gas. Removing the doors and drawers can help make it easier to access the space under the cooktop. To remove cabinet doors you can unscrew the hinges holding them in place. There will be a small valve where the flexible hose of the cooktop attaches to the built-in gas line of the house. If you do not close the valve properly, it will release gas when you unhook the hose and can cause suffocation and/or fires. It is very important to turn this valve 90 degrees to close the valve. Many gas cooktops have power cords to provide electricity to light the burners. Hold the wrench connected to the wall hose to keep it in place. Continue turning counterclockwise until the hose is completely detached from the wall pipe. Make sure you leave this fitting in place when unscrewing the hose. Remove the burners, screens and any other removable pieces before proceeding. Don’t forget that the hose is still attached when you are pulling it out of place. Use two wrenches to unscrew, attaching one to the cooktop and the other to the nut on the flexible hose. Brush the sealant liberally on all the threads but be careful not to get any sealant inside the hose. Make sure the threads on the cooktop are completely covered with sealant because this will prevent gas leaks later on. If there is one you will attach the regulator to the cooktop threads and the hose to the regulator. Use a small paintbrush to apply the sealant if your container does not come with one. Slide the cooktop into place carefully making sure you do not damage any of the valves on the bottom. Make sure you get the sealant spread all the way around the threads to prevent leaks. Make a solution of half dish soap and half water to test if there are any leaks. Turn on the valve to the built-in pipe by turning the valve so that it points in the same direction as the flow of gas.

You should also make sure that you do not smell any gas.

You must also make sure you check every connection that you have made. If there are no leaks from your soapy water test then try turning on the burner.

You may smell a little gas before it lights so make sure the range hood is on before lighting. They are also helpful when you want to install a built-in oven, which is easier on the back than a normal oven. Cooktops are also less visible than normal ranges because you can install them virtually flush with the countertop. This kind of ventilation brings the air from the surface to down below the cooktop. However, modern electric cooktops also gain heat very quickly and come in very low heat versions. Examine the cost of operation when choosing between gas and electric. If it is a different size then you should make sure there is space to cut the correctly sized hole for the new cooktop. Gas stoves can be a little more expensive to purchase but will usually cost less in the long run because fuel is cheaper than electricity. If you want to replace an existing gas or electric cooktop, separate from the oven, then install it the same as you would an electric. I have a standard 36″ cabinet; and want to install a 30″ cooktop. Try to get a new cooktop that is the same type as the old one to make installation easier.

How To Clean A Glass Top Stove by diynetwork.com

Wiping down the stove after every use helps a lot, but it is way too easy to wander off while waiting for those burners to finally cool down and cooked on sugar becomes an immediate eyesore. Although combining baking soda and vinegar will produce that great science fair volcano fizz, it isn’t the most effective way to clean. Leave the towel in place for about 15 minutes to soak and loosen the crud that has accumulated. Rinse and wring your towel frequently and scrub until there is no baking soda left on the stove and the surface is as clean as you think you can get it by scrubbing. While the stove is still damp, very carefully scrape any stubborn burned on crud off using a razor blade. A graspable razor blade holder is highly recommended for easy, effective and safe use. When you’re shopping for a new range, they will also tell you that they are easy to clean. Sure, you can give it a spritz with an all-purpose cleaner to remove the crumbs and a smudge or two, but if you are inclined to actually use your stove, it will become obvious pretty quick that even the smallest drip from a saucepan stands out without a proper cleaning.

We will use these powerhouses of cleaning separately. Any surface cleaner will get the job done here, but vinegar is inexpensive and is always on hand. Work one spot at a time with even motion to avoid scratching the glass. To simulate a dishwasher disaster, we had a tanker truck flood our dishwasher with more than 800 gallons of water.

Stove Glass Top by bestbuy.com

Weiman’s glass stove cleaner has been a great help though-the heavy duty really does remove what the regular one doesn’t. The self-cleaning setting has 3 different options, depending on your cleaning needs. I am ecstatic that it has a convection oven setting as well as a proving setting for dough (very hard to find). Its true convection technology distributes heat evenly, and its eight modes let you tailor your cooking precisely for the best results.

Black Universal Stove Top Cover by campingworld.com

We got this for our stove top because it was lacking one in the first place. Easy installation – line up the cover over the stove top, mark the holes on the counter top with a pencil, drill a guide hole, and mount with supplied screws – takes only a couple of minutes. Now we have much more cabinet space for the toaster oven, electric grill, or hot plate (we prefer electric over gas appliances) and the stove top stays clean. Hinge makes a raised ridge on top of the cover in the middle which might be a problem with some items sitting flat. This unit used 5 screws to attach it to counter top, not the type that fasten under stove top or would have given more stars, don’t know if there was a problem with the other style toppers. I have a trailer so if it rattles going down the road it will not be a problem, hope it stays on the stove. It is good to give you the counter space you need but too thick when you open it. This cover will not install properly with this knife rack in place.I rec’d it in just a few days and it fits over our stove top like it was made for our particular camper. It makes a backsplash when using the stove and conveniently covers it when not in use. My wife loves the product and all the extra counter top area it provides. It fits better, raises up easier, and provides a very nice backsplash when raised.

We don’t use our stove very much and we needed more counter space. This adds extra counter space, makes stove look nice, and can be used as a backsplash. Would have given it 5 stars but it screws into the countertop on the back side of the stove.Helps keep stove clean and increase work space, center is slightly raised. It does add some work surface, due to hinge can’t use whole top with a large item, hope it keeps things from dripping to the stove. No issues whatsoever with the quality of this product or its intended functionality. In my unit, removing the rack would damage the countertop and be very unsightly.

We really like the cover because of the extra counter space we gain from it.

We put it on when we camp and remove it when traveling.

Ranges by lowes.com

A new 3- or 4-prong power cord is required with your new electric range. Lowe’s, we have the selection that’ll inspire the chef inside you to create delicious meals every day. Gas ranges use natural gas that’s plumbed behind your range. The electric cooktop comes with either a coil heating element or an easy-to-clean smooth glass or ceramic top. While your food is cooking, the cooktop remains cool to the touch, which makes these ranges ideal for families with small children. For frequent entertaining or the avid cook, double oven gas ranges make it easy to tackle two dishes at once. They have no back control panel and sits flush with the countertop to create a built-in look that will stun in any kitchen. Cleaning is even easier with models that feature a smooth glass cooktop. The gas flame gives you more immediate temperature control and heats quickly. Electric ranges use a 3- or 4-prong power cord and offer energy efficient, even heating. Or, if you have a great backsplash to display, slide-in gas ranges or slide-in electric ranges are the way to go.

How To Replace A Glass Top On An Electric Cooktop by searspartsdirect.com

Read through the detailed instructions below before starting, then use a manufacturer-approved replacement part to make the repair.

Lift the glass top up slightly and unplug the wire harness connection on the user interface controls. Replace the screws to secure the glass top to the burner box. To prevent electrical shock and damage to the cooktop components, remove both fuses or shut off both breakers (if a clip connects the double breakers, shutting off one should shut off both). Remove the screws from the brackets that hold the cooktop in the counter.

How To Replace A Range Glass Cooktop by searspartsdirect.com

Do not proceed until you are confident that you understand all of the steps and are capable of completing the repair. If you pull out the range to unplug it, set cardboard on the floor in front of the range to prevent scratching the flooring. Carefully pull the cooktop assembly slightly forward to release the front lip of the glass cooktop frame from the front cabinet support bracket. Avoid damaging the oven cavity insulation when propping open the glass cooktop. Repeat the process to lower the rear surface elements onto the oven insulation. Push the cooktop back, inserting the hinge tabs into the backguard slots. If you pulled out the range to unplug it, push the range into position and ensure that the rear leveling foot properly engages with the anti-tip bracket so the range doesn’t fall forward when you open the oven door and pull out a loaded oven rack.

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