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TOPCO Distributing For Cabinets And Countertops In By Tom Oklahoma City

  • Listed: March 14, 2019 5:19 am


Our cabinetry can not only remove clutter and disorganization but also add beauty and value to your home or business.

You also want quality because it is one of the most utilized rooms in the house. A great selection of countertop solutions are on display offering all kinds of ideas for your project.

We have a large variety of cabinets and countertops on display with a knowledgeable staff to answer your questions. Stop by the showroom so we can be sure and give him the spicifics on your new kitchen or bathroom.Just stop by the showroom and we’ll show you or just give us a call and we’ll come out and do it for you!

Visit our showroom for the latest in materials, colors and styles.

The Best Way To Ripen Peaches by tallcloverfarm.com

It took a full year to grow that peach, show a little respect. I rarely have the patience to allow my fruit to ripen, and that makes me very sad. Having purchased a bushel and a half that seemed to be ready for the freezer in a day or two, it was discovered that they had been picked too soon and would need some major help with the ripening process.After waiting a week and a half to be able to process them for the freezer, only one was a great grey mass. My question is, after ripening indoors with your method, will this make them easier to peel?

Two days ripened the peaches and they smelled and tasted as if we picked ripe ones from the tree. I bet it would work on pumpkins too, as sometime they rot from the stem or blossom end. It’s late in the season and they may just be a week or two away from ripening. Then, cover the whole lot with a cloth that breaths–cotton or linen. There are summer pears like bartlett which ripen in no time and then there are winter pears like seckel, d’anjou, comice and bosc that take a little longer but yield some amazing flavors. They keep in the fridge quite well until you’re ready to ripen. I have the peaches all picked and they are resting under the sheet. I wouldn’t bother dipping them in hot water at first to remove the peel. While these can’t beat a fresh peach (what can?), they sure are fine when used in baking or smoothies, yogurt, ice cream or jam.

c1 staticflickr by tom oklahoma city TOPCO Distributing for Cabinets and Countertops in by Tom Oklahoma City

I read somewhere the pit is poisonous and didn’t know if it was safe to use these?

The bruised tissue just rots and begins to consume the peach in a matter of hours. Select firm, unbruised peaches with nice color, full shape and nice weight for the size.

You could also set the peaches on (not in) a folded flat paper bag, another worthy nap pad. This shades the peaches and keeps any hungry insects at bay. Once refrigerated, the peaches should be eaten or used in the next few days. The juicy white peach above was slightly unripe and hard when picked. No bruises or rot appeared on any of the rest of the peaches. I am not able to peel more than just the stem end a little way down then it’s over. I just finished two that were dripping with sweet juice and very tasty. I like plums a litte firm and with some tartness, especially when used in baking. I had to apply the vinegar every day, especially where the stem had been cut to harvest the cantalope. I have been trying the paper bag method and it has not worked about 1/2 the time.

image Wal Mart in Madison Heights TOPCO Distributing for Cabinets and Countertops in by Tom Oklahoma City

I usually eat winter pears when they are firm at the base but the top of the pear at the stem yields to light pressure. My science teacher aplaudes you for your advice for me!

I saw somewhere on your site how to dip them, etc to save for later. Could you advise how to do this and does it involve freezing ?

When frozen through, remove and place the halves in a zip lock freezer bags, adding more as they ripen. This is the first year my tree has produced enough after the marauders have struck for me to have any fruit at all. I love the idea of peaches on cardboard perfuming the house. Some of them have started to ripen but bugs are starting to eat them. I noticed they are cling peaches, which makes it more difficult to pit. I covered the broken top with a cloth to keep it wet and then wrapped a plastic bag around that to keep the moisture in. The black spots shouldn’t be any problem, unless the fruit is mis-shapen or deformed.

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