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Wood Burning Usage Tips Stove Canada

  • Listed: March 19, 2019 2:45 am


It’s basic, made of pressed steel instead of cast iron, and sits on a square slab of slate. Since the propane truck couldn’t make it up our frozen road, we risked having burst pipes.

We vowed to rely on our wood burning stove as much as possible this year, but knew even that wouldn’t be enough to eliminate the need for propane. The location would have made sense in that scenario, but it doesn’t put out enough heat to accommodate a now 2, 000 square foot house. The temp should stay between 300-500 degrees, anything under will produce too much creosote (condensed flue gas), anything over and you’ll be warping your stove slowly (if you have a cast iron stove, the new steel stoves don’t easily warp).Overloading can reduce the amount of air, which is necessary for combustion.

There are other tips out there, but those are good starters if you’re contemplating a wood-burning stove for the first time. I could possibly phrase that better — the possibility of?

Unfortunately, the existing cast iron stove is tucked away in the guest room/my office, which was likely the corner of a one room cabin originally. Ergo, we decided to install a wood burning stove in the living room. If you use more than a cord of wood annually it’s a good idea to have it inspected twice.

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Maintain proper airflow by regularly removing ashes from your stove, ideally you want about two inches of ash at the bottom of your stove.

Wood Stove Options For Tiny Houses by rockymountaintinyhouses.com

As such, it will probably only heat the smallest of spaces, say 80 sq ft and less, depending on climate and how well insulate your tiny is. If you live in an area that doesn’t have harsh winters and only need heat a few nights out of the year, this might be a good way to go. They will use a 5″ flue size and heavier gauge steel that will last longer and hold heat longer. They are meant to pack away small and be light enough to be carried by horses, so lighter gauge metal is normally used with the understanding that use is not full time, only intermittent. For those on a weight budget, they offer titanium models that weigh in at only 11 lbs for the package!

They were typically used to heat train cars and other old timey structures. It only weighs 56 lbs, which isn’t the lightest possible option, but it is far from the heaviest!

They did not deliver, and it has been 4 months since they received our money, and have not returned it. I am not sure how big of a space it would be efficient for but for mine, it is wonderful.

We have purchased 4 units from them without a single hiccup. Plus the product is well made, burns beautifully, and carries a modest tempting price tag. The mfr either supplies kits or tells you how to install piping to outside air. I do mention it because it might be the best option for some. It requires a footprint of 18″x19″ and is 46″ tall so keep this in mind when space planning. The 1440 model is similar in size but works off of convection rather than radiant heat, meaning clearance to combustibles is reduced, a feature that is beneficial to those with very tight space constraints. Are you at least satisfied with the hobbit itself?

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Wood stoves are really versatile – especially in a power outage. If you do decide to heat with wood, chances are you’ll be very happy you did. My brother still lives there and is has been a logger for 25 years. I shared your tips on heating and wood and he said you were absolutely dead on!

I would love to see the “indoor” photos when you get a chance!

As for living in a smaller home in winter, it’s definitely on the small side!

And it’s only temporary, as we’re planning an addition next spring that will add another 500 square feet or so and two bedrooms. I can barely keep up with the cobwebs in our little 700 square feet!

Makes it more and more important to make sure we’re all burning clean!

We’re about 700 sq ft too and work in town so we’re not constantly burning, but it is our main heat source. This put my mind at ease (it’s our first winter in the cabin). I have been using wood stove heating almost exclusively for close to 3 years now and have almost perfected keeping the house at just the right temp. Using the right wood (hardwoods and poplar) that is absolutely dry seems to be the best option for low-smoke, long burning fuel. I have read that new regulations were passed recently that greatly restrict the use of wood burning stoves. The heat from the stove heated up the water in the pipes that ran through the floors of the home. There is something about wood heat that is so much better than gas or propane heat.

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My boyfriend recently purchased an outdoor wood stove and it is amazing. It may not be as convenient or easy to use, but it can be much cheaper (depending on the size of your home) and it really does heat your home differently. Ask the old locals about what the best wood in the area is, and they can possibly even give you tips on where to get some to get you going at first. Firewood is a course of study by itself and experience is the best teacher. But yes, depending on the layout of your home, you may need more than one. Amazing how much the different wood holds differing amounts of heat. Since the late 1990s, she’s been studying the fine art of rural living, and has been living it since the spring of 2009. That’s such a compliment coming from someone with that much experience.

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An expanded kitchen is on the books for 2012 (or next year if funds allow). My ideal house size would be somewhere around 1800 square feet – that would provide room for a cold room for food storage, lots of other storage, 3 bedrooms and ample living space without it become so big that it becomes hard to look after.

We currently have 2 cords but were thinking we might require more like 4. Keeping doors open and judicious use of fans has helped keep the rooms all warm but not too hot–even the ones far away from the stove. Keeping the ash pan changed so there is proper air flow but still keeping a nice bed of ashes in the wood-burning area at all times helps also. The water was hot enough to use only one or two pots full in a tub of cold water!

You can also keep dishes/food warm when you are cooking a big meal and don’t have a lot of counter space, lol!

Can you recommend any stoves that are reasonably priced and are compliant with the new regulations?

It works so that the fire heats water that heats the radiator in the house the water pipes has to be very wide to give the system room to work but that allows it to work dutin the times the power is out as well. The warm air wilk just naturally replace the cold air as it moves around. I have always lived in a home with a wood stove from my grandparents house to my parents house.It heats the house, the garage, and once you stack it up good you can leave it from a good 7 hours. The heat penetrates you to the core and lasts longer than other heat. Where you live will ultimately determine what kind of wood you burn. But this year, with a new wood stove and better insulation, we’ve only gone through maybe 2 1/2. What is clear to me is that inserts are terribly inefficient. Hope the pellet stove works out – my only concern with them was that they require purchase of pellets, and they need power to operate, so in a power outage, you’d be out of luck.

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Around here, fir burns hot but quick and alder is pretty good for longer burns (provided it’s not rotten, of course). I need to hatch turkey eggs but very hard to find here and even so must keep away from hens. Land is 300 euro per four acre plot and no restrictions if you want to be sort of self sufficient.

We hibernate almost in the two cold months and cook like hell to be occupied. On week days one is all alone with thoughts beach combing but at weekends you may even be invited to join in the barbies and enjoy a beer and sashlic. I had the chimney swept and inspected and decided to only use the fireplace in the basement for now.

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