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Kick Start Your Success With These Targeted Sources Of Traffic

General September 28, 2014

by Rich Schefren

Today we want to discuss three “rings” of traffic. These sources are more targeted meaning they’re more qualified and more inclined to buy. We’ll cover them starting with the “bullseye” and work our way out… Traffic Ring #1: the “Bullseye” – JV / Affiliate Traffic Some of you may be familiar with “affiliate networks” like ClickBank where you find products to sell on someone else’s behalf. That is NOT the kind of affiliate marketing I’m going to talk about here. Nor am I talking about having someone who sells for an affiliate network, selling for you. The affiliate marketing I’m referring to is essentially a joint venture type of relationship. One in which a well known expert in their industry, usually with a large loyal list of customers. Someone whose “implied” endorsement carries weight with their subscribers. They’re the players in your niche (preferably the big ones) who have thousands of dedicated fans. When they mail for you, it’s like an endorsed mailing. For that same reason, it’s not always easy to get an affiliate to mail for you. When they do, they’re putting their reputation on the line and giving you access to their extremely high value traffic. What makes their lists so valuable? Because they’re generally a list of buyers – sometimes high end buyers – who have and do purchase products very similar to what you’re selling. So there’s a lot of interest and a propensity to spend. Plus they get your offer directed to them with the “implied” blessing of the guru they respect and follow. Affiliates’ lists are typically smaller. Of course, there are exceptions. One of the superpowers I work with – Agora Publishing – can have upwards of three million names on their lists and as many as a million buyers. But like I said, they are the exceptions. “A-level” gurus’ lists can grow to 150,000 – 200,000 or even half a million. But by and large the numbers go down from there. Many “large” lists have less than 100,000 names. And while that may sound like a lot, when you consider it in comparison to the rest of the internet, it’s really quite tiny. But remember the flip side of that, these are theoretically prime candidates who are worth a lot more than a casual browser. Getting an affiliate to mail for you… So how do you get in with these affiliates? This one is simple. A lot of people think you have to be well known with a large list yourself so that you can reciprocate on the mailing. Not true. Your chances of getting an affiliate to mail for you go way up if you can do three things for them: The first is pay them. Remember their list has value and they’re not inclined to give it to you for free. You have to make them a great offer for their list. How much? Well, how much can you afford to spend? (I’ll take you through that in just one second.) The second thing you need to be able to do is protect their reputation. Your promise and your offer must be above board and consistent with the message being sent to the list. Nothing will lose you affiliates faster than them sending a mail talking about achieving better health naturally and then having them sent to a site selling cheap Canadian prescription drugs. Finally, if at all possible, you should make them look like a hero. When I was launching BGS I contacted a number of potential partners to mail my Internet Business Manifesto. Many agreed right out of the box but a few of them already had mailings scheduled. Just the same, I gave them my report to read. By the time they were done, they were so blown away by the content, the pushed back whatever plans they had and mailed for me instead. Why? Because they knew it would offer great value to their readers. It would be a huge free “find” their followers would get massive value out of and more importantly – love them for. (Of course the significant money they’d make would be icing on the cake.) If you’re able to do all that for your JV/Affiliate partners, you have a pretty good chance to get your foot in the door of this incredibly valuable traffic source. The bottom line is this: you can’t build a business on favors. There’s always the possibility for a reciprocal arrangement. But if you can’t offer a mailing opportunity at least as good as the one an affiliate offers you – and that even assumes he’s even inclined to mail to your list – you’ve got nothing to offer, except a cut of the profits. And at this level of traffic, you have to understand all the options that are available to you. Traffic Ring #2: Remarketed Traffic “Remarketed traffic” would be considered the second most targeted type of traffic. That’s because this is traffic who has actually found you and come to your site already. They just didn’t make a purchase. They knocked on the door, came into the shop and browsed around a bit and left without saying why. So who are these remarketed prospects? Potentially highly qualified – read “very valuable” – prospects. Unless they got to your page totally by mistake, they’re someone who actively sought what you’re selling. Or at the very least, found you interesting enough to stop by and check out what you were offering. When someone comes and goes, the big question you have to answer is – why? Why they didn’t take action on your page. Could be your offer wasn’t attractive enough. Maybe you didn’t show them enough value. Or it may have to do with where they are in their buying process. Maybe they’re still comparing prices or services. Or maybe they had to leave to go to their daughters soccer game. Whatever the reason, they found you and are very valuable prospects. Why would you let some one like that just walk away? Well, you don’t have to. You can follow these prospects across the internet via what’s know as a Remarketing Campaign. It’s the proverbial “second bite” at the apple. A second (and third and fourth) chance to advance your sales message, to overcome potential objectives, to make special offers, etc… This is done through what are commonly called “stalker” ads. When a visitor comes to your site, a cookie is set on their computer. Later, when they are at a site with content similar or related to yours, the site they’re on will display one of your banner ads. They’re little reminders that follow the prospect around the internet. Think about it. It’s like turning the entire internet into your own autoresponder – a massive follow-up strategy Remarketing is typically limited to 30 days – the average length before a cookie expires – so this is an extra finite pool of prospective customers – both in terms of numbers of visitors as well as time to touch base. And by the way,if you write a blog that gets a reasonable amount of traffic to come read your posts, remarketed advertising is an excellent way to reach back out to them. They’ve come to your site, so they have an idea who you are. If they’ve been back more than once, they probably like what you have to offer to some degree. What could be the reason they haven’t bought? Maybe they just haven’t been hit with the right message yet. Traffic Ring #3: Search Traffic This would be considered the third most targeted type of traffic. This traffic is actively searching for a solution that you are providing. They are qualified to some degree and looking. Quite possibly for you. They just haven’t found you yet. That means the objective here, is to get prominently ranked in search results as often as possible. You do this by targeting keywords and search terms that your prospects are hunting for. Now, there are essentially two paths you can take to get your ad or page listing displayed on a search page… You can show up in the Paid or Organic listings. When I talk about “paid” listings, I’m talking about PPC ads that show up at the top and on the right side of any Google search page. Organic listings are the link text down the left side of the results page. You get your page ranked there by how relevant your content is to what was being searched on. There’s a technique known as search engine optimization, or “SEO,” that focuses on the optimizing of the content of your pages to include popular search terms, getting linked to by other relevant or high authority pages, and a host of other factors. Target your prospects even more by refining your search phrases One of the benefits of paid search traffic (over other forms of online advertising) is that you can “match” the buying state of mind of your prospect more closely. By that I mean you can approximate how close they are to actually making a purchase. You do this by focusing on the terms they search on. If you have a site for orchid growers and someone has come to your site searching for terms like “flowers” they’re probably not too far down the buyers path yet. If they searched for “hot house flowers” they’re probably closer to having some serious interest. But, if they typed in something like “how to grow rare orchids online” they are just about as qualified as you can get. Understanding this and bidding for different search phrases will let you get in front of more qualified, more targeted prospects. OK. That covers the first three “rings” of traffic.
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